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Just browsing: Eyebrow tips to live by

By Takiya Smith Have you ever truly paid attention to your eyebrows? I mean really taken a long, examining look at these two small, yet important, details of your face. Eyebrows, especially for women, however, as equally influencing for men, can be the most attention-grabbing features of your face. Our eyebrows grow in various shapes… Keep Reading


Bringing sexy back

By Takiya Smith Exactly who is this “sexy” and where did she go?  Did “sexy” ever really exist and if so, how come she’s lost now?  Did “sexy” run away or did I unknowingly chase her off? Can someone, anyone, please help me figure out how to bring sexy back? Most of us, at some… Keep Reading


The benefits of technology

By Pamela Brownstein When it comes to technology, I am usually resistant to change. I don’t have a smart phone and I’m not on Twitter. For a long time, I didn’t have a microwave or cable and Internet. My car doesn’t have a GPS or automatic windows or locks. I don’t play video games and… Keep Reading


Some expressions are best left unsaid

By Jack Sparacino I’m no nitpicker.  At least when it comes to speaking English, the only language I can handle, and that’s after studying French for a long time.  That said, here are a dozen expressions we might reconsider and maybe even throw overboard (you be the judge). 1. “Allegedly.”  We have a friend who… Keep Reading


Addressing deep philosophical issues

By Jack Sparacino I (kind of) remember studying philosophy in college and not doing too badly for a teenager who wasn’t ready to be philosophizing (as opposed to just shooting the breeze).  Here are a few important issues we overlooked in my classes. 1.  There are lots of woodpeckers in the U.S., including some of… Keep Reading

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Advice for that awkward little girl

By Cherimie Crane The streets are slowed by the big yellow monster; moms stifle the sniffles as they let go of that little one’s hand. Teachers full of hope and caffeine open that door to a classroom that reflects their heart, soul and many weeks of preparation. The freshly shined floors of the school hallways… Keep Reading