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Figuring your ‘net’ worth (at shrimping)

By Jack Sparacino I’ve been fishing for a long time.  Lakes, rivers, creeks, oceans. Very shallow (1 foot) to very deep (600 feet).  Ultra light tackle to the really heavy stuff.  I’ve been sunburned, seasick, rained on, beaten up by tuna, badly tangled with other people’s lines, even bitten.  I’ve also had a ball, caught… Keep Reading

Cherimie Crane/Voices

To Little Miss Morning Person from Backwoods Barbie

By Cherimie Crane Often there are precursors to problematic events that can easily be detected with our glorious God given senses. One can often see a large rock rolling straight for one’s face, sometimes we can even smell the latest Raechel Ray attempted casserole ablaze in our oven, and even as children we knew instantaneously… Keep Reading


My brain is full … and beyond

By Jack Sparacino My family moved from Massachusetts to Malibu, Ca., when I was in the eighth grade. Boy, did I love living there. Almost no homework and lots of pretty girls in my classes in Santa Monica. Beautiful weather, great beaches, easy access to the pier where I fished like there was no tomorrow,… Keep Reading


Child prodigies do us all a big favor

By Jack Sparacino I was channel surfing recently and, like someone wandering through a huge flea market on a clear Saturday morning, I encountered a gem among all the other whatnots and clutter.  A singer.  Her name is Jackie Evancho.  She has been competing on the popular and entertaining TV show, “America’s Got Talent.”  She… Keep Reading

Cherimie Crane/Voices

Golf is more than a four-letter word

By Cherimie Crane Climbing Mt. Fuji wasn’t really that hard; sky diving in Wyoming wasn’t really all that scary; bungee jumping in Tennessee was more stupid than exhilarating; Zorbing down a mountain in New Zealand was slightly akin to the morning after a night out with my best friend; and eating food that I couldn’t… Keep Reading


A few ‘choice’ remarks

By Jack Sparacino Most of us like having choices in life.  Where to live, who to hang around with, what to do for a living, where and what to eat, what to wear, who to marry, etc.  As a matter of fact, studies have shown that when people’s (and animals’) choices become too restricted, the… Keep Reading

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