Parris Island Graduation Announcements

If you are a proud parent, relative or friend of a Marine about to graduate, Beaufort’s #1 local newspaper, “The Island News” offers you two opportunities to commemorate and congratulate your Marine. 

Option 1:    You can also publicly congratulate your Marine by placing a print ad in “The island News” which will be placed on the Graduation Class page.  The Congratulatory ad cost $50 for the ad with a picture and two copies of the paper sent to your home.

For Option 1       To place an Ad and get 2 copies, click the button to the right to go to the Grad Ad form.

Option 2:    You can purchase one or more copies only of “The Island News” featuring your Marine’s graduation class roster announcement to be sent to your home.  The copies are $5 each.

For Option 2         To order copies only, fill out the form below.

Parris Island Graduation Announcement Request