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Why is the Deep South still so broken?

Friends and foes alike recently scolded me that I will not convince folks to get vaccinated for COVID-19 by calling them “stupid.” Certainly, this is correct. I apologize, and merely say choosing not to get vaccinated is not a smart career move. That is the best non-insulting wise counsel I can offer, in this case.… Keep Reading

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The cause of death was ‘terminal stupidity’

I thought “Death by Stupidity” was a hit Hollywood thriller by Alfred Hitchcock from the 1950’s. What do I know? Stupidity Category I. Just when you thought folks couldn’t top the lunacy of POTUS’s suggestion to drink Clorox to kill COVID-19, along comes a new idiocy – ivermectin. It cannot be true that over 88,000… Keep Reading

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Mother Nature is really not happy with us

For the longest time, power brokers on both sides of that infamous “aisle” maintained that “climate change” was a hoax, and even if not, they claimed humans were not responsible. They were partly correct.  It is Mother Nature that has caused climate change; Mother Nature IS climate. But us humans kicked Mother Nature in the… Keep Reading

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An evolutionary truth: There is safety in numbers

The old aphorism “… safety in numbers,” has a biological and evolutionary basis. Primates, human and otherwise, evolved as social critters. Banding in even small groups provides protection against predators.  From humankind’s earliest history, there is evidence that they lived first, in small bands; later human associations grew into tribes, then clumped into cities, and… Keep Reading

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We know what works: Get vaccinated

Many believe, and rightly so, that incurable diseases have been the major cause of death among modern humans. But the brilliance of American scientists, especially medical researchers and Big Pharma, now are saving the world from wholesale death from infectious diseases. Thanks to incredible advances in basic science, they have discovered a new and startlingly… Keep Reading

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