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Little Bits of Royal Chatter

by Peggy Chandler The Royal Pines Garden Club met May 11 for its annual luncheon held at the Lady’s Island Country Club. Following the luncheon, members gathered at the Quilt Garden, located near the entrance of Royal Pines Boulevard for the unveiling of a sign that reads, “DEDICATED TO OUR FOUNDING MEMBERS ROYAL PINES GARDEN… Keep Reading


In search of the best breakfast

By Pamela Brownstein   I’m not a breakfast snob. Wait. The fact I even have to use that disclaimer means that I actually AM a breakfast snob. I’ll admit it. I’m a purveyor of pancakes, an expert on eggs, a champion for cereal, a sucker for sausage links. Keep Reading


A Week in the Life of a Beaufortonian

By Chris Damgen “Why’d you move here?” I remember that sharp, poignant question made by a grumpy waitress nearly four years ago at a restaurant that shall not be named.  I had just moved to Beaufort. I had my first conversation with a local of my age. Keep Reading

Cherimie Crane/Voices

Praising the strength and spirit of all Mommas

By Cherimie Crane In the bottom of a large wooden trunk, tattered and torn are the years of my life. Page after page of feelings, emotions, events, confusion, and shenanigans that shall forever remain at the bottom of that large wooden trunk. However, one powerful word appears on page after page. This word represents the… Keep Reading

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