The Life and Times of don David de la Hacienda de los Pelicanos

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Chapter 3: Intimidation, Retribution and Backlash

By David Taub

With don David (henceforth dD) securely locked safely in his Casa Principal shelter, his “army” awaited the uncertain response of Los Bastardos (henceforth LB). They soon learned learned what lay in store.

A large black SUV with heavily tinted windows pulled into the gravel road leading to the hacienda. Suddenly, it stopped 500 yards from the hacienda’s eastern entrance.

A coterie of four lawyers, four police officers (including the Chief) and about 10 guards quickly gathered at the metal gate that provided security to this entrance. They were expecting a counter-invasion of bandits.

Slowly, the driver’s side of the black SUV swung open, and out came a short man dressed in suit and tie. It was too darned hot to expect any aggression from such a figure. Clearly unarmed, he seemed there to “do business.”

A3 said he could see another well-dressed man, as well as Señor Zero and Jazabel, seated in the back seats.

He walked slowly up to the gate, and motioned to one of the police officers. The officer approached, and the too-well-dressed-to-fighting man handed the police office what appeared to be several pieces of paper.

Without a single word, this inoffensive intruder, turned, trotted back to the black SUV. All members of dD’s army watched as the tank of an SUV hauled out as if leaving the starting line of the Indy 500, tires screeching, dust flying. An arm stuck out of the rear window, attached hand with a middle digit raised. They did not seem inclined to stay and chat.

A loud knock on dD’s “prison” door sounded; “Who is it? he asked.

A3 announced himself, unlocked the door and entered. A3 told dD to follow him. Without another word, together, they walked out toward the gathering at the gate.

A3 asked dD directly and in a very stern official-like voice if dD had given LB a 10-year agreement to lease HY to LB; dD couldn’t contain his laughter. That got the attention of the other lawyers when dD then barked, “Not no, but hell no! Not in this life or any other.”

A3 began to translate the “contract” to dD; immediately, all the attorneys began to point out numerous contradictions in the so-called document. On the last page where dD’s signature appeared, clearly indicated it was taken from a long-ago document signed and sealed by dD’s Beaufort attorney; it was in a different type font than the rest of the so-called “contract.”

No question that LB had taken this signature page from another document, and attached this forged signature to the false “contract.” The front page called for a 10-year “lease,” but on Page 4, it set forth a termination date that was but two years henceforth. As A3 continued his translation, everyone laughed, including the police officers.

Everyone took turns reading the forged and fake “contract” and after vigorous debate, all agreed unequivocally that it was forged, a fake and totally false. A3 took photos of the entire fake document on his iPhone, and gave it back to the Chief of Police.

It would not be the last time LB attempted such a foolish amateurish show of intimidation.

Meanwhile, two trusted village ladies were escorted to the kitchen where they began to prepare lunch. A3 retrieved dD and escorted him to the bar, where his “army” had gathered.

They began to drink the cold beer that crowded the bar’s refrigerator. Everyone exhaled noisily a collective sigh of relief, began laughing and congratulating themselves on a quick (and silent) invasion, with peaceful re-acquisition of dD’s hacienda the centerpiece of unintelligible dialogue.

After too many beers, dD thought he would make a clever announcement. First, in halting Spanish, he thanked one and all for their heroic work. “Viva don David” they yelled and raised beer cans in salute. You would have thought “General” dD had just led a successful rebellion on the entire country.

In response, dD said that they should thank Jazabel for “los regalos” (the gifts) of all her beer they were drinking with gusto. Everyone laughed, and dD ordered another round of pro bono beer, again thanking Jazabel for her generosity, even if she was unaware of it. A little too cute by half, even in Spanish.

Five guardians, armed with traditional armaments, patrolled the grounds throughout the night. All was peaceful, and the guards called it a night, at least until daybreak.

The next day, the kitchen ladies came in early and through the dark early-morning shadows saw a large black SUV parked at the front gate. Jazabel and a younger adult man were standing next to the locked gate.

The kitchen ladies pounded on A3’s door, rousing him and the sleeping guards. Everyone ran quickly to confront LB, except dD, of course.

There boldly stood the “enemy,” with a laser-gaze from Jazabel aimed directly at A3; her focused eyes could cast a spell on anyone with the “mal de ojo” (the evil eye curse). dD’s little army could hardly guess what lay in store for them; but they stood ready for any eventuality. Dude, bring your A-game!

I promise, the climax comes in Chapter 4.

“Well, all I know is what I read in the newspapers.”

David M. Taub was Mayor of Beaufort from 1990 through 1999 and served as a Beaufort County Magistrate from 2010 to 2015. You can reach him at david.m.taub42

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