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Cherimie Crane/Voices

Golf is more than a four-letter word

By Cherimie Crane Climbing Mt. Fuji wasn’t really that hard; sky diving in Wyoming wasn’t really all that scary; bungee jumping in Tennessee was more stupid than exhilarating; Zorbing down a mountain in New Zealand was slightly akin to the morning after a night out with my best friend; and eating food that I couldn’t… Keep Reading

Dr. Mark Siegel, MD FAAO/Health

Cataract surgery recovery: Part II

By Dr. Mark Siegel You might be surprised at how good you feel and how easily you will be able to resume normal activities even the day after cataract surgery. However, you should observe a few precautions during the first week or so, to make sure you avoid developing an infection or sustaining an injury… Keep Reading

Cherimie Crane/Voices

Advice for that awkward little girl

By Cherimie Crane The streets are slowed by the big yellow monster; moms stifle the sniffles as they let go of that little one’s hand. Teachers full of hope and caffeine open that door to a classroom that reflects their heart, soul and many weeks of preparation. The freshly shined floors of the school hallways… Keep Reading


Take a Break From the Grape

Terry Sweeny Recently my doctor suggested I get a full physical, not because anything was particularly wrong or suspicious but it had been about three years since I’d had one. When I asked what it would entail, he said, “Oh, the usual…cardiogram, blood screening, blah, blah, blah… check your liver…” Keep Reading


Are you ready for some fun brain teasers?

By Jack Sparacino Some quizzes are hard to answer and can hurt your brain (well, mine anyway).  Luckily, some are more manageable, like this one.

1. Name three things of great value in the Lowcountry that work wonderfully for cheap.
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Laser technology assists with cataract surgery

By Mark Siegel The use of the Femtosecond Laser in assisting with phacoemulsification for cataract surgery represents what may be a new technological approach yielding even more predictable and refined results in what is already a remarkably safe and effective cataract operation. The Femtosecond Laser has been successfully used for a number of years in… Keep Reading