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Figuring your ‘net’ worth (at shrimping)

By Jack Sparacino I’ve been fishing for a long time.  Lakes, rivers, creeks, oceans. Very shallow (1 foot) to very deep (600 feet).  Ultra light tackle to the really heavy stuff.  I’ve been sunburned, seasick, rained on, beaten up by tuna, badly tangled with other people’s lines, even bitten.  I’ve also had a ball, caught… Keep Reading


Little Bits of Royal Chatter

By Peggy Chandler On Thursday, a group of Royal Pines friends celebrated a “Big Birthday” for Amy Stoeffler. The group assembled at Lady’s Island Country Club for luncheon where they spent two hours eating, drinking and being merry.  The birthday girl was not surprised by her birthday luncheon, she was shocked!    Amy received lovely gifts… Keep Reading

Cherimie Crane/Voices

To Little Miss Morning Person from Backwoods Barbie

By Cherimie Crane Often there are precursors to problematic events that can easily be detected with our glorious God given senses. One can often see a large rock rolling straight for one’s face, sometimes we can even smell the latest Raechel Ray attempted casserole ablaze in our oven, and even as children we knew instantaneously… Keep Reading


Just browsing II: Eyebrow tips to live by

By Takiya Smith Last week we took a look at the importance of eyebrows and how they frame and shape our faces.  Our brows enhance our natural features and can even offer a spectrum of looks from bold and flashy to demure and chic.  Finding the perfect shape and angle of your natural brow can… Keep Reading

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