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Which label did someone pin on you?

By Susan Stone Labels can be handy. Without them we would be guessing which cans contain the chicken soup, right? Labels organize our lives. We love labels! We give everything around us a label of sorts. Without pinning an actual sign on someone, we label people whether they deserve it or not. With harmless labels… Keep Reading

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Paper Whites help to brighten short winter days

By Susan Stone Walking through my garden this week I noticed my Narcissus coming up! Otherwise known as Paper Whites, these little bulbs grow beautifully indoors to bring a little spring to our short winter days. November is a good time to ‘force’ bulbs for holiday gifts. Amaryllis and Paper White bulbs are readily available… Keep Reading

What is your super power?

By Susan Stone Some people call them their “spidy” senses; others call them their special gift. No matter what you call them, they’ve been on the hearts and minds of a lot of people lately. Several months ago I wrote an article called Life is Extraordinary. In short, the article was about non-ordinary experiences that… Keep Reading

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Here in the Lowcountry, fall is for planting!

By Susan Stone You can tell by the color of the marsh that September is here! Oh, the beautiful lime green set against the cobalt sky…when you see this combination, fall is just around the corner. Here in the Lowcountry, fall is for planting! Trees, shrubs, spring perennials and don’t forget the winter food crop!… Keep Reading

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