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Beaufort Memorial starts physician-supervised weight loss program

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To help meet the high demand for weight loss programs in the Lowcountry, Beaufort Memorial Hospital has launched Healthy Weight, a physician-supervised service designed to help overweight patients drop unwanted pounds and keep them off.

The goal is to achieve and maintain a healthy weight to reduce the risk of overweight- and obesity-associated conditions, including Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, stroke, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea and some cancers.

Led by board-certified obesity medicine specialist Dr. Yvette-Marie Pellegrino of Beaufort Memorial Lady’s Island Internal Medicine, Healthy Weight takes a holistic approach to weight loss, focusing on nutrition, exercise, behavior and medication.

“This is not your typical cookie-cutter weight loss program,” Pellegrino said. “We look at the patient’s health history, lifestyle and obstacles to losing weight and then develop an individualized plan that makes sense for that patient.”

Patients are asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire covering everything from previous diets they have tried to behaviors affecting their eating habits. They also need to provide a brief food journal.

At the first visit with the doctor, the patient will undergo a physical exam and biometric screening to establish a medical baseline. Depending on the patient’s health condition, further testing may be required. It could include blood work, an EKG or sleep study.

Working with a registered dietitian, Pellegrino will recommend a meal plan that fits the patient’s specific needs, work schedule and home life. Because exercise is also a key component of the program, Beaufort Memorial is offering Healthy Weight patients a special six-month LifeFit Wellness Center package that includes access to the hospital’s gym, group classes and eight sessions with a wellness coach at the significantly reduced rate of $200.

As part of their long-term maintenance plan, patients also may be prescribed medication to regulate hormones or insulin, slow down digestion or target binge-eating disorders.

“The majority of people who get on diets to lose weight will gain it back, plus 10 percent more,” Pellegrino said. “What we’re doing is not a short-term plan but realistic and ongoing lifestyle changes to maintain a healthy weight.”

By following the program, patients are expected to lose one to two pounds per week. Studies have shown people who lose weight gradually and steadily are more successful at keeping the weight off.

Pellegrino, who is also board-certified in family medicine, will also treat any comorbidity issues, including diabetes, arthritis and depression.

To participate in the program, patients should have a body mass equal to or greater than 25. For more information, call Beaufort Memorial Lady’s Island Internal Medicine at 843-522-7240.

No Crumbs Left Behind: Briciole Bistro & Bakery

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Briciole is Italian for “crumbs,” and there weren’t many left on our plates as we waddled out of the restaurant last Thursday afternoon.

Briciole Bistro & Bakery is flourishing at 1281 Ribaut Road, continuing a long tradition of serving Italian food in the space recently occupied by Bella Napoli, and before that, by Pizza Hut. (Okay, Italian-ish food.)

The Lunch Bunch rarely goes Italian, so this was quite an event! We also had two new tasters at the table – our new sales rep, Dawn, and Mike’s son Dylan.

The Antipasta menu is long and tempting, including items like Crostini, Calamari Fritti, Eggplant Rollatini, Mozzarella Sticks, Mussels, and more. We ordered up a round of Garlic Bread with cheese on top, and it couldn’t have been more satisfying.

The Lunch Menu features a selection of smaller entrees for $9.99, each served with a house salad. Offerings include Meatball Sliders, Fettucine Bolognese, Personal Pizzas and the like. The idea is to get in and out quickly – and affordably – which is great for working people.

Of course, we of The Island News Lunch Bunch are rarely in a hurry. For us, lunch is work, so we made use of the entire menu. You can, too. Briciole’s lunch menu is merely for your convenience. You can order from the dinner menu all day long.

Dawn had the Spaghetti Aglio Olio – spaghetti noodles topped with garlic sauce, lemon, parsley, evo and parmesan. She enjoyed her selection, saying “it has a little kick,” and noting the chunks of fresh garlic.

Betty orders eggplant whenever and wherever she can, so she went with the Eggplant Parmesan, which was particularly cheesy on top. If you like a high ratio of mozzarella to eggplant, this is the eggplant parm for you.

Mike loved his Spaghetti Marinara, saying, “If I ran out of noodles, I would eat this sauce with a spoon. That’s how good it is. Not sweet, not spicy, just very fresh.” He’d started with a bowl of Seafood Chowder – which he actually did eat with a spoon – and was equally enthusiastic.

Jeff’s Personal Pizza was a table favorite, featuring big chunks of sausage and zesty pepperoni on a truly remarkable crust. 

“It’s just right,” he said, and those of us who sampled it concurred. Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside – everything you want in a pizza crust.

Did I mention we had a teenage boy at the table? Briciole made it easy by including a Certified Angus Burger on the menu, complete with a side order of fries. With this feast before him and smart phone in hand, Dylan was all set.

I had the Summer Salad, arguably the most beautiful plate to arrive at the table, with its colorful, artfully arranged mix of seasonal fruits and vegetables. I was feeling quite virtuous nibbling on this yummy concoction as my friends stuffed themselves with carbs, but then …

Dessert happened.

You might have noticed at the top that Briciole is not just a bistro; it’s a bakery. In fact, Stacey Ragsdale – the restaurant’s new owner, along with her husband John – is a trained pastry chef. The bakery is a big part of this business.

The desserts featured that day were Tiramisu, Chocolate Cake with Citrus Butter Cream, a Mixed Berry Mousse, and Cannolis. We ordered one of each for the table, though we were already fairly stuffed. (As your humble food correspondents, we felt it was our duty.)

Had we known how large the servings would be, we might have gone with only one or two. As it stood, we were each able to try several bites of each dessert, and they were all knockouts – not a disappointment in the lot. The Tiramisu deserves to be singled out, however, since we all agreed – all six of us! – that it was the best tiramisu we’d ever tasted.

When we weren’t happily gorging ourselves, we had the pleasure of chatting with Chef Allen Mathers (top) – who has a Masters in culinary cuisine and 30 years’ experience cooking in Beaufort – and with John and Stacey Ragsdale (right), veteran restaurateurs who have energy and enthusiasm to spare. With their combined experience and ingenuity – and Stacey’s desserts! – we predict a long and happy life for Briciole Bistro & Bakery.






Briciole Bistro & Bakery

1281 Ribaut Road



Mon, Thu 11 a.m.–9 p.m.

Tue 11 a.m.–3 p.m.

Wed 4 p.m.–9 p.m.

Fri, Sat 11 a.m.–10 p.m.

Celebrate the 4th with fireworks, festivities and flyovers

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We know, we know. When it comes to July 4, you’re a pro at finding the hot place to go. But just in case you need a reminder, here’s what’s coming up this week.

Parris Island’s Free Fourth of July Celebration

When: Event opens at 5 p.m.; Parris Island Band at 6:30 p.m.; fireworks show at 9:15 p.m., July 4

Where: Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island 

Details: Features food and beverages for sale as well as glow sticks, bracelets and
headbands. For safety purposes, coolers, pets or outside fireworks are discouraged. Event goers should follow signs at the gate.

Salute the Shore Flyover

When: Starting around 1:30 p.m., July 4

Where: Area beaches

Details: The 10th Annual Salute from the Shore will feature F-18s from the Marine Aircraft Group 31 and a C-17 Globemaster from the 701AS Joint Base Charleston. In Beaufort, F-18s to flyover at 1:35 p.m., C-17 at 1:54 p.m. In Hilton Head/ Bluffton, F-18s flyover at 1:31 p.m. and C-17 at 1:48 p.m. Beach goers are encouraged to show their patriotic displays in groups big and small and share tributes online. For more information, visit

Port Royal’s Free Fireworks Show & “Party at the Port”

When: Fireworks start after Parris Island’s show, around 9:15 p.m., July 4

Where: The Sands at Port Royal

Details: Offers a great spot to watch both the Parris Island and Port Royal’s fireworks shows. “Party at the Port” is from 4 -10 p.m. at 601 Paris Ave. and features food trucks and live music by “Tribute: A Celebration of the Allman Brothers Band.” VIP parking passes, $10, are available at

Free Fourth of July Fireworks Show at Shelter Cove Harbour & Marina

When: Family activities from 6-9 p.m.; fireworks start at dusk, July 4

Where: Shelter Cover Harbour and Marina with views from neighboring restaurants and beaches spots in the vicinity

Details: Features family shows at 6:30 and 8 p.m., and other family-fun activities from 6-9 p.m. including bounce houses, train rides, music and a flag give away starting at 6 p.m. while supplies last. For parking and shuttle map visit

Harbour Town Festivities

When: Fireworks start at dusk or around 9:15 p.m., July 4

Where: Harbour Town (fireworks launched from a barge in Calibogue Sound)

Details: Features children’s activities, live music, food and beverages. Coolers are not allowed.

Skull Creek Fireworks

When: Entertainment starts at 6 p.m., fireworks around 9:30 p.m.

Where: Skull Creek Marina, 397 Squire Pope Road, Hilton Head Island

Details: Features live, outdoor entertainment starting at 6 p.m. at Hudson’s Seafood House on the Docks, Skull Creek Dockside or Skull Creek Boathouse. Food and beverage available at all three locations. No coolers allowed.


The July 4 holiday is here and S.C. State Fire Marshal Jonathan Jones is reminding citizens to think of safety first if participating in any fireworks activities.

“This national holiday is a busy one for fireworks – and fires,” Jones said. “You cannot take safety for granted when it comes to fireworks. We want everyone to have fun, but safety precautions must come first.”

Jones suggests these safety tips:

– Observe local laws. If unsure whether it is legal to use fireworks, check with local officials.

– Observe local weather conditions. Dry weather can make it easier for fireworks to start a fire.

– Buy from permitted fireworks retailers.

– Store fireworks in a cool, dry place.

– Always have an adult present when shooting fireworks.

– Use common sense. Always read and follow the directions on each firework.

– Only use fireworks outdoors, away from homes, dry grass, and trees.

– Ensure people and pets are out of range before lighting fireworks.

– Light one firework at a time and keep a safe distance.

– Put used fireworks in a bucket of water; keep a garden hose on hand.

The fireworks “nevers”:

– Never point or throw fireworks at another person.

– Never re-ignite malfunctioning fireworks.

– Never experiment or attempt to make your own fireworks.

– Never give fireworks to small children.

– Never carry fireworks in your pocket.

– Never shoot fireworks from metal or glass containers.

– Never place any part of your body directly over a fireworks device when lighting the fuse. Back up to a safe distance immediately after lighting fireworks.

Classic Car and Truck Club of Beaufort joins nationwide event

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The Classic Car and Truck Club of Beaufort is joining organizers across the country to celebrate the 10th annual SEMA Collector Car Appreciation Day by holding their monthly cruise-in from 5 to 8 p.m. Friday, July 12 at Grayco on Lady’s Island.
The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) declared July 12, 2019, as “Collector Car Appreciation Day.” As a result, hundreds of car-related events are taking place across the country during the month of July. 

The events aim to raise awareness of the vital role that automotive restoration and collection plays in American society. As a uniquely American pastime that serves as the inspiration for everything from music and photography to cinema and fashion, the automotive industry has made a positive impact on the American economy and in serving technological advancements for more than 100 years. 

The Classic Car and Truck Club of Beaufort is proud to be celebrating this important day. Everyone is welcome to participate by registering a car or being a spectator. 

The Grayco Cruise-In will be one of hundreds of car events taking place across the United States and Canada to celebrate “Collector Car Appreciation Day.”

Area firefighters honored at annual SC Firefighters Association event

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Several area firefighters were recognized for saving lives in 2018 during the S.C. Firefighters’ Association annual banquet Saturday night in Columbia. 

While responding to emergencies and saving lives is something firefighters across the nation do every day, occasionally situations arise where the amount of danger presented, or the difficult challenges faced, rise to a level where special recognition is deserved. 

From humanitarian missions to rescues, firefighters received the following state awards for their actions:

Medal of Valor – Burton Engineer Austin Causey and Colleton County firefighter Conner Hutto received the state’s Medal of Valor for a June rescue of five people from a building collapse during extreme weather. Both responded as volunteer firefighters for the Hampton fire dept.

Meritorious Action Medal – Burton and MCAS Beaufort firefighters received a Meritorious Action medal for rescuing a trapped driver from a flaming vehicle and treating multiple critically injured occupants from a November motor vehicle collision.

Meritorious Action Medal – Burton firefighters received a Meritorious Action medal for an August rescue of a man trapped beneath his mobile home which collapsed on him after being struck by a vehicle. Firefighters had to act quickly and creatively to rescue the critically injured man.

Meritorious Action Medal – Fripp Island firefighter Brittney Thorson and Lady’s Island Fire Lieutenant Keith Kersey received a Meritorious Action medal for the water rescue from an overturned boat off Harbor Island under difficult conditions.

Citizenship Award – Burton Fire Captain Bobby Davidson received the state’s Citizenship Award for his humanitarian work with his family on the Asaph Project which has reduced the loss of life of children in Kibera, Kenya while increasing educational levels.

Finally, the white is here

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The white wine is here. And just in time. 

Not just because new white wines become a priority for some wine drinkers in the hot summer months. But, also, because the complete set of a brand is now available. Red. Rosé. And, finally, the white.

Gerberas’ white wine comes the Aragon region in Spain. Like its red and rosé cousins, Aragon is located in northeastern Spain. It stretches from the Pyrenees Mountains south to the Iberian plateau. (The whole of Spain and Portugal is the Iberian Peninsula.) 

Catalonia is to the east of Aragon, and Rioja, Navarra and Castilla y Leon are to its west. All other Spanish wine regions. 

The Ebro River, the largest and most important in Spain, flows eastward through Aragon. And defines the various Aragon wine areas in its valley. 

The name Aragon comes from either a smaller river in the region with the same name, or from the Basque word “Aragoi” that means “high valley.”

The climate of Aragon is moderate with the vineyard elevations determining how moderate. Recently, a Cava DO status was granted in Aragon. (Cava is the designation for Spanish sparkling wines, mostly from the Catalonia region.) There are several wine DOs in Aragon – Somontano, Cariñena, Calatayud, Campo de Borjia.

Gerberas Bianco is made from 100 percent Macabeo. This variety is also known as Viura, Macabeu, Lardot and about a dozen lesser known more localized names. 

Besides large plantings in northeastern Spain in the Rioja and Cava producing areas, it is also grown in the Languedoc-Rousillon area of France. It is often used in blends, but as more modern winemaking techniques are adopted, like stainless steel and temperature controlled fermentations, it is making wonderful wines on its own. 

Its wines tend to have a bone dryness, light to medium bodies, moderate acidity and not too high alcohol levels. The flavors include honeydew melons, lime peels, lemon verbena, tarragon and hazelnuts. 

Janis Robinson, an icon in wine tasting and wine writing, calls Macabeo the “Cinderella” grape. Because, in recent years, it has been “discovered” as capable of making excellent wines.

Gerberas Macabeo follows Gerberas Garnacha and Gerberas Garnacha Rosé as a great sipping, food friendly everyday affordable wine. 

The grapes for it are grown in alluvial soils in the foothills of the Moncayo mountain. After harvesting and crush, the must is chilled for a short time with the skins. 

Fermentation is long and slow, in stainless steel tanks, at controlled temperatures between 71 and 79 degrees Fahrenheit. The finished wine is delicate with fruity and floral notes. Ripe peaches. Lemons. Lime zest. Stone fruits. Nuts. White flowers. 

All come together in a very dry, light, but definitely textured body. The palate is clean and fresh and exhilarating.

Perfect as an aperitif, but it also pairs well with grilled fish, shellfish, sushi, baked chicken, salads, pasta with seafood white sauces or just olive oil and grated cheese, pizzas with anchovies and olive oil, fried foods, pesto, risotto, and lots of cheeses – Manchego, Monterey Jack, Mozzarella, Gouda, Triple Cremes. Pretty much summer foods. 

And it’s easy to find with the yellow gerberas daisy on its label. It’s finally here. For $9.99. Enjoy.

Parker’s Donates $10K to Lowcountry Autism Foundation to Fund Art Therapy Program

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Parker’srecently donated $10,000 to the Lowcountry Autism Foundation, supporting the nonprofit organization’s Art Therapy Program in full for the year through the company’s Fueling the Community charitable giving program.

“We wanted to partner with an organization that made a real impact in the communities we serve,” said Parker’s Vice President of Marketing Brandon Hofmann, who recently presented the check to the Lowcountry Autism Foundation. “We know this important organization relies on community support to fund their programs for families affected by autism.”

Funds were raised through the sale of 20,000 reusable Autism Awareness travel cups, which are available at Parker’s locations throughout Georgia and South Carolina.

“We are grateful to Parker’s for helping enhance the lives of children with autism,” said Sophia Townes, Lowcountry Awareness Foundation Program Coordinator. “Art therapy is incredibly important for children with autism, It helps develop a child’s self-esteem, improves communication skills and gives them a creative outlet.”

As Parker’s expands into the Charleston, S.C. market this summer, the company will continue to partner with the Lowcountry Autism Foundation, which is headquartered in Charleston and serves families throughout coastal South Carolina.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control estimates that in 42 boys and one in 189 girls are diagnosed with autism in the United States and reports that autism affects more children in America than diabetes, AIDS, cancer, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy or Down syndrome combined.

The Lowcountry Autism Foundation provides programs to support families through customized programs designed to fill gaps in service. With a small staff and a dedicated group of volunteers, the organization has provided more than $500,000 in free autism services to over 1,500 Lowcountry families.  

Parker’s has donated nearly $1 million to area schools since the inception of the Fueling the Community program.

YMCA providing 100 scholarships for swim lessons

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As part of the Y’s commitment to reduce drowning rates and keep kids safe in and around the water, the Beaufort–Jasper YMCA of the Lowcountry will provide scholarships for swim instruction and water safety to children from underserved communities in Beaufort and Jasper counties in 2019.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, fatal drowning is the second-leading cause of death for children ages 1 to 14. In ethnically diverse communities, the youth drowning rate is two to three times higher than the national average, according to a USA Swimming study. 

Additionally, 64 percent of African-American children, 45 percent of Latino children, and 40 percent of Caucasian children have no or low swimming ability.

“Educating children how to be safe around water is just as important as teaching them to look both ways before they cross the street,” Lou Bergen, Aquatics Director at the Wardle Family YMCA, said in a release. “The Y teaches children of all ages and backgrounds that water should be fun, not feared, and this practice not only saves lives it builds confidence.”

The Y has been a leader in providing swim lessons and water safety for more than 100 years, pioneering group swim lessons in 1906. The Wardle Family YMCA continues to help youth and adults experience the joy and benefits of swimming, so they can be healthy, confident and secure in the water. 

To learn more about Wardle Family YMCA swim programs including lessons, swim team, and Aqua Camp, contact Lou Bergen at 843-522-9622, ext. 236 or

Beaufort County Airport celebrates new security gate

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There was a ribbon-cutting ceremony Saturday, June 8 for a new security gate at the Beaufort County Airport.

The celebration came after a year-long fundraising campaign and installation by the Beaufort Aviation Association. Twenty-eight donors contributed a total of $23,700 allowing the gate to be constructed and installed without any public funding.

According to Beaufort Aviation Association president James Atkins, the security gate prevents unauthorized vehicles from entering the airport and reduces the potential of vandalism, terrorism and theft from the aircraft hangars.

The gate should mean no more unauthorized vehicles on the ramp, taxiway or runway, which could have become a problem with the increased traffic on Airport Circle, which runs in front of the relatively new Lady’s Island Walmart.

“There are certainly more people in the area due to Walmart and the associated development,” Beaufort County Airport director Jon Rembold said in an email. “We haven’t had any serious issues but we would rather be proactive when it comes to the safety of the public.

The Beaufort County Airport, located at 39 Airport Circle on Lady’s Island, is a county-owned, public-use airport three nautical miles southeast of the central business district of Beaufort. It is also known as Frogmore Island Airport or Frogmore Intranational Airport.

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