Now Beaufort feels like home

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By Lee Scott

The Calendar in my kitchen drawer has many of the events and appointments we have planned for 2019. When I looked at this month’s calendar it said “April 27, 2019 – BLUE ANGELS.”

I had to stop for a minute and look at it again. That’s not right, the Blue Angels fly in May, at the United States Naval Academy Graduation in Annapolis, not April. 

Then I saw the flyer under the calendar. The Marine Air Corp Station Air Show starts on April 27, 2019. My Blue Angels will be back here in Beaufort.

For me, there is a nostalgia of being able to see the Blue Angels perform. When I was in banking in Annapolis, we would go up on the roof of our building and watch the show from there.

Then for many years, I had the opportunity to watch them from boats. It was incredible to see them flying up the Severn River and buzzing the Maryland State House in Annapolis. 

But the best time to see them was in the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium while watching newly commissioned officers in the Navy, Marines and Air Force. It was always spine tingling.

Now we get to see them here as they buzz around the Lowcountry. 

What is interesting is that my husband and I just watched a documentary about F6F Hellcats on the Smithsonian Channel. These were the planes which were built in WWII and were the first planes used by the Blue Angels.

History has it that after the war, Admiral Chester Nimitz wanted to create a flight exhibition team to raise the public’s interest in Naval Aviation. The F6F Hellcats were chosen and then in 1949 the first jets were used.

The F95-2 Panther had a maximum speed around 575 mph compared to the Hellcat, which had a maximum speed of only 379 mph. 

Since 1986, the Blue Angels have been using the F/A-18 Hornets, which have a top speed of Mach 1.8! Translated, that means up to 1,190 miles per hour. Admiral Nimitz, who died in 1966, would have been very impressed. 

As for you history buffs, you might want to check out the Blue Angels website https://www.blueangels.navy.mil/. It has lots of information.

So, hopefully, the weather will be good for the air show, but regardless, the show goes on rain or shine. 

You can still see numerous exhibits at the Marine Air Corp Station and there is also a Kid’s Fun Zone.

As for me, even though my favorite part is still seeing the Blue Angels fly, I am hoping for a day out boating, eating a picnic lunch, and watching all the air show. 

Now it really feels like home.

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