Fall: Time to turn up the volume

By Laura Trask

It is easy to see why Vogue’s September Issue is the most important fashion magazine of the year. Loaded down with fall fashion, this edition (all 758 pages) weighs in at a whopping 4 lbs., 6 oz., just carrying it around can get you in shape! But besides Vogue, I loved sifting through the fall issues of Elle, W and Bazaar. My husband got so nervous he hid all my credit cards. This was a fairly Herculean effort considering that fall is the most important fashion season of the year and all the magazines are as thick as phone books.
The first look that caught my attentions was one I will call the “Romantics” These beautifully tailored pieces offer a mix of delicate fabrics, such as chiffon and lace, which work together to achieve the ultra
feminine look. However, this look can get a bit artsy-fartsy when the designer go overboard with some of their creations. I don’t know about you, but I personally find macrame not to be the most flattering of materials, not even on a hanging plant. But lace,  when combined with other sheer fabrics, can be both innocent and alluring. The best example of getting the romantic look right would be Vogue’s spread of cover girl Kate Moss’ recent fairytale wedding.
At the other end of the spectrum is “high wattage” color blocks. This trend not only features bold color but also does not shy away from super sizing. Pieces often are modernistic or boxy, assuring that you will not be missed; however they can make you appear larger and are not good at hiding flaws. Make sure you use the color and it does not use you.
Another way color is shown this season is through prints. Now, these are not the florals from the spring collection, they are more geometrical — so chaotic in fact that the prints have prints and they are on everything: sweaters, pants, skirts, evening wear and the once again
popular maxi-coats shown like mad this season. If you are one of those women who geometric prints overwhelm you because of your fair complexion or delicate features, then the best way to carry off a print might be in a skirt or pair of slacks or an accessory. These magazines claim that there is no wrong way to mix  and match these prints, but  your mirror may disagree.
Fashion Bulletin: Missoni, the Italian fashion house that practically invented prints, is selling for a limited time (September 13 through October 22) at Target, so get on down there and take advantage of this fashion high on the down low.

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