Just browsing: Eyebrow tips to live by


By Takiya Smith
Have you ever truly paid attention to your eyebrows? I mean really taken a long, examining look at these two small, yet important, details of your face. Eyebrows, especially for women, however, as equally influencing for men, can be the most attention-grabbing features of your face.
Our eyebrows grow in various shapes and colors, as well as different lengths and thickness.  Some sparse, some full, some shapely, and some rebellious and unruly. Yet, no matter your category, the great news is that there is an easy quick-fix to obtaining gorgeous, natural and celeb-worthy brows.
The primary key to fashioning perfect brows, basically, is to know them.  As a trained lash and brow specialist, I have consulted with countless numbers of clients, having to tell them all to “slowly put the magazine down and cautiously back away from it.”  As experienced as I am, your brows are not going to look exactly like Angelina Jolie’s because they are hers and not yours.
Just as I explain, regarding Angelina, consider your face and its attributes.  Is your face round and full, heart shape or angular? Likewise, do your brows have a natural, high arch, a slight curve to them or, in some cases, absolutely no arch at all?  Knowing and following the natural shape and growth pattern of your brows is an absolute foundational must, ladies and gents.  This principle will steer you clear of “clown-like” brows or the ever so popular, yet painstaking “surprised look” that is in no way shape or form a great surprise at all.
In the coming weeks, follow me as I continue this series “Just Browsing” and share many valuable tips on how to manage, groom and put your best brow forward. For your brow specific questions or comments, email me at beautiquelb@yahoo.com or for a personal consultation, visit www.blb-boutiques.com

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