Fall Ball: Best of both worlds

By Grace Stewart
For those of you who don’t know what Fall Ball is, it is a semi-formal dance held at Beaufort Academy that is hosted by the sophomore class for the entire high school to attend. BA students can couple up or are allowed to sign in one person and enjoy a fabulous evening usually starting with a dinner downtown followed by a night of dancing. This year the theme was “Black Lace.” Decorated with a classy, more Victorian feel, the ambience was a bit more sophisticated. Many of my peers brought dates from other

Grace Stewart is a senior at Beaufort Academy and will be contributing columns about student life.

schools, which allowed Beaufort Academy high schoolers to socially mingle outside of our “small school” habitat.
I had a great time this year, and of the three other Fall Balls I have attended, even considering the one my class put on, this was definitely a favorite of mine. The sophomore class even had one of their own host as  DJ for the event, quite impressive to say the least. I was in awe by his skills and selections that made me want to keep on dancing all night. Major kudos to that class, especially Mckenzie Blake, the sophomore president, who led the organization of this formal for several months.
I could also describe the dance as “Beaufort Academy meets Beaufort High School.” BHS students have been coming to our dances for years and everyone has a great time together.
Because of Beaufort’s small teen population, having an event like this allows for students to shed their uniforms, dress up and go out on the town. It allows for some to have a formal date with that special someone or just have fun as a group going out to dinner and then to the dance to meet some new friends. I remember two years ago, when I was in tenth grade, we were all excited to see one of the Beaufort High dates try to get the party started. When the song “Baby Got Back” came on, he broke it down on the floor and impressed everyone around him with his moves. Memories like those will last forever and will always make me smile.  To this day, I am excited every time I get to go to a dance because of all of the new people I get to meet. I hope that BA students continue to extend themselves to fellow teenagers in the area.
It has been a privilege to be able to reflect on all 10 dances I have attended and remember how much fun I had with my close friends and dates. But now, it’s time to take down the decorations in the gym, get basketball season started and anticipate what the freshman have in store for us in January for the Winter Ball.
One dance down, two to go.

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