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Conversations with a dog

By LEE SCOTT According to recent reports, the adoption and fostering of dogs has skyrocketed during the past few months. Many people who had wanted dogs in the past, but could not have one because of their work schedule, decided this was the time since they were going to be home. The added benefit being… Keep Reading

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Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers

By LEE SCOTT A few years ago, I wrote about taking my four grandchildren to Arlington Cemetery on Father’s Day. It was fascinating to hear their questions and be able to answer them. Why are there crosses on some of the headstones and stars on others? Why were some people so young when they died… Keep Reading

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It’s Summertime! Time for summer songs

By LEE SCOTT You can tell it is summertime by the number of cars out on Sea Island Parkway. There are many visitors to the beach and to rental properties. It does not matter that summer officially starts on June 20; most people consider it starting on Memorial Day Weekend. And with summer comes all… Keep Reading

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