So far, 2020 has been the year of the ‘Long Walk’

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My daughter bought me a Fitbit a few years ago. It is one of those watches that will track how many steps you take in one day.

Lately, I have found myself, occasionally, exceeding my normal day total. It has to do with the “Long Walk.” I will bet that many of you too have made the “Long Walk.”

Here is what happens. You get ready to enter the grocery store. You have parked the car far away from the entrance in order to park next to one of those “Return Cart here” spots.

You have your grocery list, your wallet (purse), and your glasses; everything you need to go grocery shopping. You walk across the parking lot feeling good about yourself because you are adding a few extra steps on your Fitbit.

Then, 10 feet from the front door you notice something. People are all wearing masks. “NO!!!” You forgot your mask.

It is usually on the passenger seat or in the center console. Back you go to the car. It is at this point that you are somewhat embarrassed as you trek back to your car knowing that there are smug faces hiding behind those masks as if saying “Ha ha! I remembered my mask.”

The frustrating part of the “Long Walk” is that I am so careful to carry a mask. I normally have one of those homemade masks in a plastic bag in my purse, but I drop them in the laundry and usually get a fresh one out. I also keep a collection of new disposable ones in the console of my car.

I have seen people with the masks hanging from their car rear view mirrors. I am not comfortable doing that, but if it works for them. So be it.

Recently, after I finished shopping, I went out to my car, unloaded my groceries and was putting my cart back when a man in an F-150 truck pulled up next to me. He nodded at me and then started to walk toward the store but turned around when his brain registered that I had a mask on.

I smiled and nodded knowing exactly what he was going for in his truck.

Another time, I was stopping at our local coffee shop on Carteret Street and a woman had just parked in front of me. She got out of the car, loaded her coins in the meter, and started up the street. She paused and turned around. Sure, enough she had forgotten her mask.

When I got out of my car, I thanked her. She had spared me another “Long Walk.”

Finally, I have decided there is some good news in forgetting my mask. After all, I am adding a lot more steps on my Fitbit.

Lee Scott, award winning humor writer takes her “Walter Mitty” like persona and spins tales around everyday life. She enjoys boating, reading, and meeting people. Scott lives in Beaufort with her husband, JD, along with their dog Brandy. You can reach her at