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You should see the circus in my backyard

By LEE SCOTT There was an old cartoon back in the 1940s featuring two chipmunks called Chip ‘n’ Dale. They were Disney cartoon characters who worked originally with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, but eventually got their own show. Then they transitioned to television in the 1950s, where they had a jingle assigned to them… Keep Reading

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Oh no, it’s Mrs. Scott, again

By LEE SCOTT This is a phrase I hear in my head all the time. “Oh no, it’s Mrs. Scott again.” This would be from local, state, and federal politicians. They say this when they get another one of my e-mails. I am one of those people who writes to my elected officials. When something… Keep Reading

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Masks and hand washing are our new normal

By LEE SCOTT As the world adjusts to our new mask coverings and hand-washing environment, I started to look at some of the masks people are wearing. It seems like the standard blue ones are still the most popular, but people are getting more creative. Now the blue masks are “so yesterday” and the ones… Keep Reading