Masks and hand washing are our new normal

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As the world adjusts to our new mask coverings and hand-washing environment, I started to look at some of the masks people are wearing.

It seems like the standard blue ones are still the most popular, but people are getting more creative. Now the blue masks are “so yesterday” and the ones that make a statement or are more fashionable have become the new look.

A friend of mine that makes masks gave me some nautical masks with sailboats and a couple of dolphin masks. Now I have enough to have a fresh one every day.

Her masks have the straps that go around the ears, and they are more comfortable for me, but other people like the ones that have double ties in the back. This style is popular because then you can just keep the bottom ties laced up while you eat, without having to take the mask off completely.

Now I am seeing more fun ones around town. There are masks with big smiles, or tongues sticking out, or a set of teeth with braces on them. There is also a company that makes personalized photo face masks.

Of course, some of the homemade masks are hysterical, although I am not sure if they provide any protection.

Then there is the hand washing. To encourage the public to wash hands for the correct amount of time, people are urged to count or sing. I personally prefer to sing a song.

“Michael rowed the boat ashore” is my go-to song. Three verses and I am good. Many people opt for the Happy Birthday Song and the ABC’s. These were the most popular probably because they were taught that as kids.

When I asked a young mother what song her daughters sang, she sent a link to “Baby Shark.” It is under the Baby Shark hand-washing challenge. Her girls love it, but she said she has been having nightmares about that Baby Shark, maybe because she has heard the song so many times.

A grandmother I know said that her granddaughters, who she cares for, love to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star while washing their hands. Her reaction to the song was like the Baby shark hand-washing challenge. Enough! The grandmother just counts now.

When I asked some of the personnel at Beaufort Memorial if they had a song, the response was similar. “We had to watch a video,” they said, “that demonstrated the proper way to wash your hands. Each finger, up and down, between the fingers, around the palms.”

Evidently, if you wash your hands correctly, your 20 seconds is up.

Now I must look for some creative masks that actually work; and practice the correct way to wash my hands. Then maybe I will get Harry Belafonte out of my head.

Lee Scott, award winning humor writer takes her “Walter Mitty” like persona and spins tales around everyday life. She enjoys boating, reading, and meeting people. Scott lives in Beaufort with her husband, JD, along with their dog Brandy. You can reach her at