Women of Greatness: Aspire to inspire before you expire

By Martha Cooper-Hudson

I am a bold, beautiful, smart, worthy, empowered, motivated, inspired, powerful woman, wife, mother, lover and friend. I am unique, healthy, faithful, courageous, a masterpiece, funny, an eagle, a winner, but most of all, a child of God who decided to live her dream after finding my purpose and passion on this planet.

I am writing this article for women who have a dream and a purpose inside of them and are afraid to pursue their dreams for fear they will leave someone or something behind. I was that woman once. It all changed on the day that I realized who I was and whose I was. When I read the words, “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me,” it took my belief level to an all-time high and on that day, the eagle inside of me was born. At that moment, I knew that if I could conceive it and believe it, then I could truly achieve it.

How can you live your dreams and find your purpose on this planet?  You first must surround yourself with positive people who will continually lift you up.  You must become uncomfortable with where you are because being comfortable never allowed anyone to elevate themselves to a new level.  Find  personal mentors who can and will   guide you in the right direction.  Stop taking advice from people you would not trade places with.  Invest in yourself and your dreams.  Make your vision clear.  Write it, speak it, and believe that your dream is possible. Keep your eyes on your dreams no matter what else is happening around you. Stay focused and have faith in yourself and your dreams when no one else can see it.  Facts don’t count when you have a dream because you become what you think about.

I challenge each of you to never give up on your dreams; learn to listen during your quiet time; never stop believing; never stop pursuing; never stop following your heart, because hard work and dedication along with your faith will get you to that place called success.  If you would do the things that most people will not do today so that you can have the things tomorrow that most people cannot have, that is the ability to live your dream. Aspire to inspire before you expire by becoming a Woman of Greatness.

Join other Women of Greatness for an evening of inspiration, motivation, and fun October 15 at Beaufort’s First Tasty Tuesday Women’s Night out with a purpose at Holiday Inn & Suites from 5:30-9 p.m.

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