What is happening at the St. Helena Senior Center?

The St. Helena Senior Center was founded as a place where seniors can go to learn and keep their minds, bodies and hands busy and to keep them on proper diets. If some seniors don’t get three meals a day at home,  the senior centers make sure that they have at least one hot meal at noon.

There is transportation to the center and to their homes. The seniors have activities daily and guests come in at least once a month to teach good eating habits, medicures, exercises, Medicare changes and updates. They have gospel sings, days of dancing, movie days, arts and crafts, jewelry making, and, of course, Bingo! Folks play cards almost everyday.

The directors and volunteers keep the center going, while the administration show love and care.

A federally funded program supports senior centers, but with the cut backs they need more and more funds to maintain the buildings, and the field trips.  Coffee, sugars(s), kool-aid, and coffee creamers are always needed. Donations are gladly accepted.  Volunteers are always needed. If any  questions or interested in volunteering, please contact Lucile, director at St. Helena center, at 843-838-3606. Open 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Thursday.

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