Wellness center welcomes new coach

Martha O’Regan, owner of Therapeutic Solutions: A Creating Wellness Center is pleased to welcome Danette Vernon to her expanding team, as Wellness Co-coordinator and Creating Wellness Coach.
Danette finalized a degree in Social Psychology at Park College, and also completed all of the Art Therapy classes offered at Converse College in the Upstate. She has worked for, or volunteered at a variety of organizations that are cherished locally, or nationally known: Boys & Girls Club, CAPA, Healthy Families of America, CODA, Coastal Empire Mental Health, and lastly, prior to coming to work for Therapeutic Solutions, our local school district as a parent dducator for teen moms.
Danette wrote for Lowcountry Weekly in the summer of 2005, while fulfilling a Natural Housing Apprenticeship in California. She reports that every morning she woke to the sound of the seals, and every day involved a shovel. In 2010, she spent three weeks in Australia, and plans a backpack tour through Europe in the fall of 2012. She is the kind of person who ardently sings along with Van Morrison, “Fight mediocrity every day.”
With Danette’s very extensive background of working with individuals on so many levels, O’Regan is “thrilled to welcome Danette to the wellness team. As Wellness Co-coordinator, she will meet with each new practice member for the initial consultation and evaluation, utilizing our state-of-the art Insight technology and/or Creating Wellness assessment. She will then help determine the best course of action based on health and wellness goals. Whether it be for pain relief, stress management, weight loss, disease management/prevention, or just getting ‘unstuck’ in a current situation (relationships, careers, finances, etc.), Danette will create a personalized program utilizing the various practitioners and modalities offered. Through her relationship with the practice member, she will assist, as needed, with education and accountability to stay on track.
In addition to her roles as Wellness Co-coordinator, coach, art therapist, she will serve as the liaison that bridges our various practitioners and unique services to the very diverse populations in our community. Much of what we offer can be shared in classes and group settings so our intention is to become a stronger presence to those seeking balance in their health and well being.”
As Danette voiced in her first week of training, “I had no idea that you offer so much in this little building.” Therapeutic Solutions wants more folks to have access to the simple tools and concepts to those served each day and believes Danette is the perfect conduit.
They strongly believe that each and every person can improve some or all areas of their life, just by saying “Yes” to themselves and choosing to do, see and feel things a little differently, which physically changes neural pathways in the brain.
As Danette has recently experienced and shares, “Serendipity always leads the way — if you let it. And so my start at Therapeutic Solutions came about through a seemingly random phone call. I simply had to say ‘Yes’ to the opportunity to be ‘here’, where the focus is always on wellness … in all aspects of the human experience. As a new employee, I have naturally tried many of the wellness modalities and have been thrilled with the results. Clouds have cleared in my thinking and I have been refreshed emotionally by the work of B.E.S.T., the neuro-alignment service that we offer — I literally feel happier. As I move toward completion of the initial training, I look forward to affecting the same on others, with pure glee!”
Therapeutic Solutions is located at 73 Sams Point Road, Lady’s Island, SC.  For more information call 524-2554 or emailtherasolutions08@yahoo.com.  Visit www.besttherapeuticsolutions.com.

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