Ready for some Monday night football in the hood?

Lady’s Island Country Club is the place to be on Mondays to watch NFL football.
We lay out some free chicken wings and run happy hour drink prices all night long. Only three weeks into the season and it’s attracting quite the crowd.
We open at 8 p.m. on Mondays, so that gives you time to drag in from work, grab some dinner and join us at Lady’s Island Country Club for some relaxation and fun.
You can’t go wrong. The club, at which the public is always welcome, is right in Royal Pines and a stone’s throw from Telfair, Coosaw Point, Walling Grove, Deer Run, Magnolia Court and Pleasant Point. It’s nice not to have to drive into town to enjoy the game. Plus, you’ll be able to meet some of your neighbors.
Monday night. Lady’s Island Country Club. Football. Be there.
Of course, Monday night isn’t the only time the club draws sports fans. Come on in for lunch on Saturdays and enjoy a mahi mahi BLT, a blue cheese burger, soup or a chicken-laden Caesar’s salad while you check on some college football games. We have plenty of orange and crimson in attendance with a few misplaced Buckeyes, Spartans and Irish, too.
Drop in Sunday afternoon for NFL games or the last round of whatever golf tournament is under way during the PGA “silly season.” We’re open until 6 p.m. on most nights, (remember: open late Mondays and for dinner on Thursdays) but our staff understands the need for camaraderie and are easily talked into sticking around if the score is close or the conversation is riveting.
Don’t miss our Thursday dinner until 8 p.m. The menu is divine, from lobster ravioli to New York strip steak adorned with a blue cheese-Tabasco sauce or liver and onions.
Don’t forget, we’re open for lunch every day except Monday and we host a prime rib dinner on the third Friday of each month.
Visit our new website at www.ladysislandcc.com for details on these and other activities.
Come on in and make Lady’s Island Country Club your home away from home.

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