Make it a good one

By Takiya Smith

Wow…it’s 2015 and can you believe just how fast 2014 flew by? I mean, I can literally recall siting at my laptop and tapping away at one of my last articles, “So, here’s the deal,” in which I spoke of what I was going to personally do in 2014. More time with my children, more time with my family, more time for myself and less time as a product of all business only. I was going to live it up and let loose, relax a little, take a load off and experience life. Well, in true form and fashion, I did that all. I traveled, I ate like a culinary connoisseur, I slept in on days off and days on, I got on my kids’ nerves, because every day was a ‘bonding’ day. I called, sent texts, instant messaged, wrote, emailed and visited every friend I possibly could. I stopped shopping in Rue 21, because according to my now 17 year old daughter, she and I should never shop at the same store; and, I even managed to cut off all my hair and lightened it to blonde…Blonde of all colors! One would think I was having a mid-life crisis when in fact, I was really finding me. It was a blast!

Looking back on 2014, trust me when I say that it was not always all fun and games, good times and laughter. I shed quite a few tears, I lost in order to gain and I even dealt with not one but 2 severe blows to my health that could have dictated life or death; but, as I reflect on all that was and what is now to come, I am grateful, humbled, ready and willing to face this next year with all that I want it to be. The coming year should be a time of focus and faith to do that in which you choose to focus on. Gone are the days of sitting and waiting for ‘it’ to happen. Life stops for no one, as I am sure that every eye reading this paper can relate to the loss or suffering of at least one loved one in this past year. Don’t bury the memories of your sufferings, losses or past failures but use them to spark a flame that will ignite a torch that can’t be extinguished within you. This year I am purposing to use every past mistake, misstep, triumph and trial as my platform to help any and every one that I can. I have personally learned that it is not what we ‘go’ through that makes us stronger, but it’s in the fact that we ‘got’ through which helps make others stronger. Live your life and love it. Own it. Be it. Happy New Year…now, let’s make it a
good one!

Takiya La’Shaune Smith is a the founding owner of both Beautique Lash & Brow and The Brow Company Beauty Bar & Makeup Studio. She is a published author and mentor as well as a Licensed Cosmetology Instructor and International Beauty Educator utilizing her experience in the industry as a platform to promote inner and outer beauty, health, wellness, social etiquette and positive self-esteem. Find, follow or contact her at www.blb-boutiques.com.

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