Energy Work Woo Woo

By Chris Suddeth

Ask any energy worker what 2014 was like, and they’re likely to tell you something along the lines of amazing, explosive growth. Expansion within the Energy Work Community has been phenomenal as evidenced by the turnout at the Inaugural TheraFest at TheraVista. I’ve enjoyed, been comforted by, and benefitted from discovering and interacting with others like myself; but with any amazing, explosive growth, comes growing pains. My growing pain, as well as some other colleagues I’ve noticed, is communication of exactly what we do as energy workers. It certainly doesn’t help that we don’t really know what it is that we do because we are merely the intermediary of a healing. It also doesn’t help that we often spruce our sessions up (for good reason) with incense, incantations, burning sage, baying at the moon, caldrons, dead animal parts, and other sayings and doings. I’ll lump all this into what I’ll term, energy work woo woo. Seriously, if you see me or call me, ask me what I do and it’s like I’m doing a book report on a book I didn’t read. I’m sure that I can speak for us all in saying that our intent is to avoid having energy work woo woo stand for

“EWWW,” but we often fall short. I only know what we facilitate as energy workers qualify as miracle witnessing. Yes, miracles happen daily if we only just know where and how to look. Miracles are often hidden in plain sight.

For the purpose of this article, let’s set aside the cynics, because I will never again take on the roll of converting the nonbelievers; moreover, this is not a religion but spirituality. So, let’s focus on those with a genuine interest. Don’t get me wrong fellow energy workers, I dig caldrons and moon baying and practice some of it myself; but I feel we’ve (myself included) been facilitating healings within ourselves and on other willing clients for so long, that we don’t notice what would be weird to an outsider. And not that we need to change the internal workings of ‘the art of non-doing’ once the session door closes, but this is a business. We are in the business of spreading joy, awareness, and enlightenment to others. The more the merrier rule applies as we feel our community’s oneness come to bear.

This is a problem to overcome if we want to bring the masses to modalities that are potential lifesavers and definite life enhancers. The value and talent is right here in Beaufort. Do I think that energy work is the wave of the future? No, I feel it’s the roots of our past illuminating the way of the NOW, that mainstream religion and the industrial revolution lulled us into buying so we could push a button, take a pill or speak to Gawd like he’s Santa Claus. Okay, I’ll abandon my rare trip to the soapbox now, and return to quoting James Bond and This is Spinal Tap in my sessions along with a healthy dose of golf analogies sprinkled with  NASCAR references. To paraphrase Paul Newman, “you gotta slow down to go fast.”So let’s take Clark Griswold’s boss in Christmas Vacation seriously when he tells Clark to just give him the report in laymen’s terms, not some insider technical jargon bulls$$$. We need your help with this. Please smoke signal us via text with anecdotes and suggestions on how we can improve our communication. Give us roses and thorns please. What we’re doing well and what we can improve. Perhaps you’re already on board the energy work woo woo train, but have a loved one that could benefit if they could just wrap their mind around the nuances of what we do.

When Chris Suddeth (Sutty) isn’t being Mr. Mom to 5 year old, Emma Belle, he balances his time between writing, real estate and supporting other’s healing through his personal blend of Reiki, Theta Healing®,  Intuitive Healing, as well as teaching all three levels of Reiki attunement classes.  You can contact him at 843/263-2397 or chrissuddethccr@gmail.com.

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