What do we do with doubt?


By Brittney Hiller

It’s time to punch doubt right in the kisser…

But, then again…What good would that do?

Punching doubt in the face sounds like a fun idea, especially when you can head to a local store and purchase a blow up clown or doll (your choice) and name it doubt and punch away…

But, I digress.

Doubt is not an evildoer nor is it something we should be ashamed of. Typically, doubt shows up as something that we have within us that we think we need to “get rid of.” However, what if we created a simple relationship to doubt that will help us have a better understanding and allow us to bust through it, coming out on the other end clean and content?

Here are my 2 Doubt Busting Moves for you:

When in Doubt, Let it out.

Seriously, let it out – get out your pen and paper and write down, what are your doubts surrounding? New job? Leaving old job? Relationship woes? Health concerns?

Write it all down – this is the first step to letting doubt, OUT.

Once you have it all written…

FACE IT Head On.

Now it is all out there – your doubt is smiling up at you from your glittery (or recycled paper) themed notebook and it is telling you everything you are missing out on because of doubt.

The work begins with facing doubt head on.

Here’s one more trick for you from my tool box that includes more writing. YES, more writing – but this time it’s FUN. Look at each one of your doubts and write down next to each one, the outcome you would LOVE to see occur; instead of what doubt already shows you.

How fun is that? It’s like you are writing a script of your very own play! {Hint, ’cause you are!}

Relationship woes? How would you LOVE to see that relationship actually look or pan out? Write it.

Job seems lacking? How would you LOVE to experience your job on a day-to-day basis? Write it down, viola’!

Each time you write it down you are giving a shiny NEW perspective to what doubt had seemed to fog up.

Isn’t that so fun?!

Here’s the juicy part – email me ONE doubt you busted (once it’s done) and share with me how you now feel after this exercise. I am so excited for your doubt busting journey and look forward to hearing from you.

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