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Parking at U.S. Naval Hospital Beaufort should be more accommodating to veterans

Local former military veterans, who have registered with the Veterans Association, have the privilege of attending the VA outpatient clinic located at the Beaufort Naval Hospital. Many people greatly appreciate this. Even though some vets carry VA issued I.D. cards, similar to active duty and retired military, they are still required to leave our vehicles and present our credentials at the gate house building for passage.  Our veterans date back to WW II.  I have seen these and other handicapped vets struggle with walkers and canes to get their vehicle pass, sometimes in very inclement weather. This is OK, but then Joe Blow from Idaho — who may have never even worn a Cub Scout uniform — gets to cruise in the gates of Parris Island or the U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, his automobile loaded with people, and he only has to show his driver’s license, proof of insurance and registration and never leave his car.  Something is not quite right here.

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