Local artist to host student show at USCB Center for the Arts

Well-known local artist, Linda Sheppard, is showcasing her private art students who will be exhibiting their work during October at the USCB Performing Art Center. These students take lessons between two and six hours each week and work in a variety of media.

Linda usually works on her own painting along with the student. She teaches competition, color theory, shapes, composition and values. The adult students usually come to work on their problem areas. Linda critiques their work and together the student and Linda decide on the areas that need strengthening.

Mike McNally learns the proper old master’s techniques using pastel during lessons in Linda Shephard’s studio.
Mike McNally learns the proper old master’s techniques using pastel during lessons in Linda Shephard’s studio.

“I look at this side by side teaching as a way to share what I think about when I paint. I talk about what I am struggling with and ways I could correct the problems. Sometimes, the students critique me or suggest problems they see in my paintings. This give and take is valuable for both the student and me.”

“Several years ago I decided to quit teaching classes and concentrate on teaching one on one. Students may take for a month to correct some area of their work that is ‘giving them fits’ or to learn a new skill or medium. Other students take a 3 or 4 hour lesson once a week for an extended time.”

“The relationships I develop with my students are such a joy. I see them progress and gain confidence to paint on their own. Often I probably gain as much from them as they do from me.”

Linda teaches in oil, pastel and watercolor as well as old master drawing techniques.

The students in this exhibit are:

Lina Boyd-Rochfort. Lina lives in England and spends time in the fall and spring at her Spring Island home. “Art has been an occasional hobby of mine over the years. Sadly, I was not allowed to take it up when you did, so I have spasmodically painted at home. Before leaving to live in France, I had started life classes, but that was disrupted by the move. On arriving at Spring Island around 22 years ago, I took a few workshops, but discontinued them as I prefer to paint people rather than landscapes. Recently, I asked Bonnie Mason if she knew of anyone who could teach me once a week, which would give me the incentive to continue painting. Thankfully, she gave me Linda’s name, for which I am very grateful. I just regret the number of years I have wasted. Linda has been an enormous help, especially with regard to the use of color. I very much enjoy working with her.”

Lina called Linda to help her with pastels and oils. Primarily, Lina likes to work on portraits and figures. She works with Linda once a week for 3 hours each week when she is in the area. She takes photos of her subjects or she finds pictures on the internet that interest her. Sometimes, Linda will work on the same subject and teaches her method of painting as they work alongside one another.

Mike McNally. Mike originally met Linda when she gave a Power Point presentation about her art work to the Leadership Class in Beaufort. Later Mike came up to her during intermission of the Beaufort Orchestra and said, “You are going to teach me to paint people. I am a photographer and take great photographs.” Mike has worked on a few Old Master drawing techniques and enjoys pastels. Lately Mike has been painting people who inspire him. He painted a man who often seen on the streets of Beaufort. Nathaniel, the subject, will be so proud when he sees his portrait.

Danielle Hamner. Linda first met Danielle at her home when she was invited for dinner. “Danielle showed me her sketch book and I knew she had some real interest in art and good talent. I offered to teach her. Danielle is a junior at Beaufort High School and is taking studio art. We have worked on Old Master drawing techniques, pastels, and oils. She is very thoughtful and works hard. She wants to go to TCL for two years to study art and then finish her degree in arts education at USCB. We’ve been working together for two years.”

Maris Staley. “Maris’ father was my urologist. He mentioned his daughter loved art. She is an 8th grader at Beaufort Academy. She has been working with me since January. She is active in sports and the children’s plays, but she finds time to do some very good art work. She soaks up everything I tell her. Most students copy one of the master portrait painters and then do their own work. Maris painted her dog in oil. We decided to do a creative painting. Instead of black hair, she painted each shape of hair with colorful darks. All the lights are painted with colorful lights instead of dark.”

Al Leitch. “A fellow Beaufort Art Association member gave my business card to Al, who lives in Columbia, SC. He drives 3 hours each way to take a 6 hour art lesson each week! That is dedication. Al emailed me photographs of his work to critique and see if I would teach him. I could tell he was an engineer type. He painted every leaf. His paintings were good, but I suggested some areas we could work on to strengthen his work.”

“In the months since we have been working together he has improved. His last painting was a street scene of Charleston. He took a number of photos of houses in the neighborhood, but made up his own street scene. He now paints shapes instead of individual leaves. His painting of boats at the Beaufort Marina stretched him as he worked on value and color changes to pull the eye throughout the painting. He is learning to make the necessary changes to create a strong painting instead of a copy of a photograph.”

Lizanna Caroline Stone. “Lizanna is a junior at the University of South Carolina at Beaufort where she is the recipient of four academic art scholarships. She focused on drawing and ceramics while in high school. However, she had never worked with oil painting until she studied with me this past summer. This experience helped her prepare for her painting classes at USCB where she is majoring in Studio Art and Education. Lizanna loves painting the beautiful landscapes of the South Carolina Lowcountry and enjoys time with nature.”

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