BA participates in World’s Largest Lesson

On Tuesday, September 29, Beaufort Academy participated in the World’s Largest Lesson. This was an initiative put together by UNICEF and TES Global (a teaching support organization) to educate school aged children about 17 new objectives UNICEF has set to reach three extraordinary goals in the next 15 years. They were targeting this age group because these are the citizens who will be seeing these goals through their lifetime!

To start the lesson, Beaufort Academy invited Trayle Kulshan, the author of the lesson, to speak with them via Skype. Ms. Kulshan graduated from Beaufort High in the 1990’s and went on to study engineering at Clemson and geology at Stanford. After that, she joined the Peace Corps and led water supply projects for schools throughout Africa (mainly in the Congo) and even in Afghanistan. She is now a science teacher in Dubai. Her lesson on Sustainability was one of eight lessons chosen by UNICEF to be taught globally the week of September 26. Through the Skype call, Ms. Kulshan told the BA students about her time in humanitarian aid and showed them a typical school in Africa. She challenged them to think about which school was more sustainable before they went back to their classrooms. Once students returned to their rooms, they completed the lesson on Sustainability that she wrote.

Thousands of schools from around the world participated in this initiative. Are you interested in how sustainable you are living?

Check out your own Global Footprint at this site: www.footprintnetwork.org/en/index.php/GFN/page/personal_footprint/.

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