Life is extraordinary


By Susan Stone

Life is extraordinary! There is nothing ordinary about it…nor has there ever been as far as I can remember. Ordinary people have extraordinary experiences every day! But many of us pretend that we don’t. The Edgar Cayce’s and the Sylvia Browns of this world are not as unique as you may think. Everyone has psychic gifts…everyone. It is our nature.

Have you ever had an experience that you could not explain? Have you ever “felt” like something was wrong, only to find out later that something in fact had happened? Have you ever felt like you were protected, when you should have been injured? Have you ever thought of someone, only to have the phone ring and it was them? You are not alone. You have experienced something extraordinary. It is not as rare as you may think. In fact it’s quite common, if you pay attention. Some people have the unique gift of communicating with animals. Some report seeing and hearing angels. We have seen evidence in scientific experiments that prove people can communicate telepathically.

More and more, children are remembering who they were in another life. Their stories are fascinating. There is no way these children could know the details of a time long before they were born. People like Kim Russo and Theresa Caputo are famous for helping others with readings from their loved ones who have crossed over. The only real difference between us and them is that we have yet to discover our own gifts. If special gifts run in your family, you would have grown up knowing that it’s very real. But if you grew up in a family that had other beliefs, then you may have been told that isn’t possible, or worse.

If you think of mankind as an orchestra, some people are more gifted with wind instruments while others are better at strings or percussion. All are vital parts of the orchestra, but each has its own specialty, so to speak. Maybe your gift is knowing when the phone is about to ring. Perhaps you have prophetic dreams. Do animals come to you? What about Nature Spirits? Do you have the gift of healing? Insight?

We have a magical nature about us. There is more to us “ordinary” people than meets the eye. We know things we’ve never been taught. We know things that other people have never told us about themselves. We are capable of assisting in miraculous healings…how? How can we do these things? My Master Teacher, who you may know as the humble carpenter from Nazareth once said; “What I have done, you will do and more”. I don’t think he was joking. I also don’t think we do any of this by ourselves. In my experience as a healer, I am very clear that the energy which heals does not come from me, but through me. Over the years I have been witness to many miracles…spontaneous healings that cannot be explained by anyone, including their doctors.

Skepticism is healthy. I can’t remember who said this; if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything…or something to that effect. Every day I exercise my right to disbelieve in anything that doesn’t feel right. I also do not believe everything I think…as I have proved myself wrong many times. Your personal experiences are what change your heart. And once you know, you cannot not-know.

I believe we are here to help each other. And I think these Gifts of the Spirit are meant to assist us in that endeavor. What is your gift? What did you bring to the party to share? How can you help?

An Extraordinary life is awaiting you…will you join us?

You can find Susan Stone at Beaufort Chiropractic. She is an Intuitive healer, Reiki Master, minister and counselor. Author of “We Heard You,” available on Amazon.com You may contact Susan at theriverangel.ss@gmail.com.

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