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Right problem, wrong solution

Reading the ordinance for the Green Space Program, I am amazed at the details. Financial incentives will go to landowners. LOL. What could go wrong? Property outside of Beaufort county (could) be included. Unbelievable. Development rights to property may be purchased by the taxpayers while the landowners continue farming or whatever use is current. Paid to do whatever they have been doing all along. All while access by the public is denied. And hey, it’s not so bad, the tourists will possibly, maybe, pay part of it. Just pick a percentage. No one really knows.

Solution– simply look at the area from 30,000 feet and decide how much development is wanted on any particular island. And where. For example, maybe only 6,000 homes should be built on St. Helena Island. Only 200,000 feet of commercial space, and 50,000 feet for office space. Everything else will be green space with the taxpayers off the hook.

Not complicated, the islands can only hold so much development. Why not make the decision of how much and where in one motion? Other cities and counties have done it successfully. Is the objective conservation? Or is the business of Beaufort just business?

– Jerry Floyd, St. Helena Island

An intentional lie

To say that our Representative Shannon Erickson voted to defund public education is not simply an extortion of the truth for political reasons. It is an intentional, bald-faced lie.

In a recent letter to the editor, a desperate attempt was made to rally support for Shannon’s political opponent. People informed on education and who actually know Shannon’s record on education saw it for what it was – a political ploy used by candidates to disguise their lack of accomplishments, original ideas, and credible solutions.

With no positives to share about themselves, they resort to pot shots, transparent smears and spreading mistruths about their opponents. So, let’s set the record straight about our Representative, Shannon Erickson.

An educator and business owner, Shannon was elected to serve us in the S.C. House 15 years ago. Having known her personally and professionally for more than 20 years, I, and other informed citizens of Beaufort, know her proven, unwavering advocacy for students, teachers, and parents of S.C.

Each and every year she has faithfully represented us, supported and led the charge to repatriate your hard-earned tax dollars back to Beaufort County School District and see classroom funding raised statewide. From 2007 to 2022, Shannon’s dedication to education and influence in the House has brought a 304% increase in state education funding for Beaufort County and an 86% increase statewide.* (*Source- South Carolina Revenue & Fiscal Affairs)

Facts and numbers do not lie, but desperate and misleading politics do.

Shannon has the know-how, passion and position of seniority to work successfully for us and the humility to be available and accessible to constituents. Let’s not let DC political games infiltrate our community. Let’s get back to truthful, civilized work about important topics like the education and the future of our children. Ignore desperate, political hits to discredit Shannon’s accomplishments.

And if you have an issue, concern or question, I encourage you to do what I do: reach out to Shannon – and vote for Shannon Erickson on Nov 8 for S.C. House District 124!

– Robert Peterson, Beaufort

What is she afraid of?

Shannon Erickson has been invited to participate in more than one forum with her opponent Barb Nash. Shannon always has previous commitments that prevent her from attending and apparently does not offer alternate dates for such an event. What is she afraid of?

Perhaps that people will realize that her voting record is staggeringly extreme? That she is no longer (if she ever was) in touch with the people that she is supposed to be representing? It seems the only time Shannon shows up is when there is a feel-good photo op happening around town and runs on the “she’s a nice lady” platform. She might be a nice lady, but it appears that some of her supporters are not so nice when large Barb Nash signs disappear within days of them being placed. When our rights and freedoms and even our democracy are on the line, being a nice lady isn’t enough.

We need a representative like Barb Nash that will listen to her constituents and fight for their rights. And she will actually SHOW UP to vote on those issues that are most important to many of us!

– Denise Sullivan, Beaufort

Golden opportunity, indeed

A library in Port Royal would be a blessing for a huge segment of the community, and it’s the most exciting and sensible proposal I’ve heard from County Council lately. Hopefully, this will be passed quickly, out for bids, contractor in place, and ready for use by late spring. The building appears to be sound and surely we can get it all done in six months. This library would truly fill a need for so many citizens, and we look forward to a big ribbon-cutting ceremony in the spring when Beaufort County is in full bloom.

– Edie Rodgers, Beaufort

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