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Family thanks community for help after accident

To our friends, acquaintances and extended family in Beaufort: Kristy and I want to extend a very heart felt thanks to every one whom helped us through the trying time of our son Seth’s awful accident. Every one in our immediate family were just overcome with gratitude for the caring and support offered from all over the country; this is the internet at it’s best, and special thanks to the Noll family for getting that ball rolling. We are so proud to be part of this community.

Seth is at his home now recovering from his injuries and has started his physical therapy. It seems he may not have permanent damage from the accident and we are hopeful for his FULL recovery.

There are a couple thoughts we’d like to leave with every one. We believe Seth may have been killed or permanently brain damaged had he not been wearing his bicycle helmet when he was run over. He also did not have access to a proper bike path to commute to his work place. PLEASE, every one: Wear a bike helmet when out riding your bikes and PLEASE support your community’s efforts, wherever you live, to have access to well planned and properly maintained bike paths.

Our deepest thanks to everyone’s support. With our love and appreciations.

Tim, Kristy, Alison, Seth, Ariel, Mark and Logan Wood, Beaufort


An Earth Day message: Don’t recycle politicians

Generally, I’m an supporter of recycling. All of my newspapers, bottles, cans, and even the pizza boxes go into my curb-side bin. I take bulky items, yard waste, and used oil to the County Center. However, genuine trash should not be recycled and, at the top of that list, I put Mark Sanford.

Worst yet, few would claim that Mark was an outstanding member of the House and almost nobody, even Republicans,  claims that he was a good governor. Tim Scott said Sanford ‘s behavior pattern revealed  a “pattern of poor decision -making and questionable leadership.” Jim DeMint said, “Sanford dropped the Flag.” Current Governor Nikki Haley said Sanford fell “far short of public trust.” SC Republican National Committeeman McCall said Sanford has lost “integrity and credibility.” The passage of time has not erased these judgments; recently Ann Colter said Sanford “never accomplished anything of substance” and “he had a chance and he blew it.”I’ve heard that some Republicans plan to “hold their noses” and vote for Mark Sanford. If they believe that Sanford is indeed smelly trash, then please don’t  recycle him — just tell him to take a hike!

Fred Seitz, Beaufort

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