An inspirational evening with ‘The Last American Man’

Eustace Conway, is a man born of 18th Century Enlightenment principles who travels around the country to teach a philosophy of respect for nature, self-reliance and triumph over status quo. Conway, described a modern day Thoreau, is the subject of the book, “The Last American Man,” which was written about Eustace Conway’s horseback trip from the mountains of N.C. to San Diego, Ca., by Elizabeth Gilbert. Gilbert, who penned “Eat, Pray, Love,” wrote “The Last American Man,” and it served as her inspiration for the former and best-selling book.

Comm-Eustace Book CoverOn Friday, April 26 at 7 p.m., Eustace Conway will speak at USCB’s Center for the Arts about his life’s journey, environmental ethics and living by harmony and balance with nature. Conway’s powerful message is relevant to people of all ages and serves as an inspiration for a better society.

The event is hosted by John Trask III and presented by Lowcountry Real Estate, Medical Weight Loss of the Lowcountry, Grayco, Higher Ground, Bay Street Outfitters and Beaufort Kayak Tours.

John Trask III met Eustace as a camper at Camp Sequoyah in 1973, and they have remained friends ever since. “It’s difficult to sum up what he is all about. Eustace is more than a naturalist and more than a rugged individualist. Eustace is a man born of the same 18th Century Enlightenment principles embraced by Thomas Jefferson and John Locke. His philosophy may sound altruistic, but it’s possible,” says Trask.

The event is free to the public. Donations will be accepted, and proceeds will benefit Turtle Island Preserve, a nature preserve in Boone, N.C.

For more information about Turtle Island Preserve, visit www.turtleislandpreserve.com, and to visit a series of articles about Eustace Conway in GQ Magazine and the Wall Street Journal, visit www.wendypollitzer.com.

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