Discovering Beaufort and finding Newman

By Frank Robinson

I met a couple from New Brunswick, Canada, approximately one month ago. They have spoken to me everyday except the days that I do not work. My boss met them and gave them a horse catalogue, as they indicated that they have a horse back home named Willum.  Willum is a black Friesian with a long elegant neck and flowing mane. I felt a little envious, but recovered, as I discovered Frank and Janet seemed to like me and were often around.

My boss, Peter White, is a good man who gives me at least one day a week off and sometimes two.  He personally looks after my feet and keeps me in new shoes, which is very important for my job. He also makes homemade fly spray that won’t affect my health and really helps keep the flies away.

I have several co-workers or as they say “partners.” They treat me well and I have nothing but good to say about Mary Ann, Larry, Kristin and my other partners. They give me treats and talk to me encouragingly when my load is heavy and the air is humid.

I often see Frank and Janet looking at me when I go to work and when I return after a days work. They are staying at Magnolia Court at Brenda Hood’s place, just next door. I hear them say that it is really nice and that Brenda is a wonderful southern hostess. Speaking about southern, my company’s name is Southurn Rose — note the small difference in spelling and my picture on the card. Our company was named for Rose, Peter’s wife.

Our job is to give guided tours of the history of Beaufort which involves explaining the background of the large homes and churches on the tour.  Mary Ann, Larry, Kristin, et al are masters at this.  They love their job and have “happy hour” (without cocktails) every evening when we arrive back. They then prepare me for my drive home with my boss Peter. They chat about the day and always compliment me on a job well done. I love this time of day as they give me the remainder of the treats and lots of kind words.

I’m sorry I did not mention my name. It is Newman.  I am a 9 year old beautiful, gelded Belgian from Ohio who loves the South. My Canadian friend told me how fortunate I am to be employed by Peter.  He told me that when he was growing up on a farm he had three horses — Harry, Prince and Tim — who had to work very hard six days a week. He said that he and his brother Austin rode Harry and Prince bareback on Sundays. They did not have days off to graze lazily in the pasture. After hearing this story, I love my boss Peter even more!

Canadians Frank and Janet Robinson sent this story after spending a month in Beaufort.

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