Thank you

Thank you for reporting the Beaufort City Council’s recent decision to remove Helen Spalding from the city’s Election Commission. Since she was in open defiance of the most important requirement of her position – nonpartisanship – it was the only decision possible.

While it is acceptable for the rest of us to align with one party or another, this is the one thing that our elections officials must conscientiously avoid. The City Council acted in the public’s best interest, under the law, and in a manner that contributes to voters’ trust in our local elections process.

– Carol Anne Brown, Beaufort

Continue to inform residents

Thank you for staying on top of the story of Helen Pappas Spalding and her City Elections Commission appointment. I feel the Island News’ coverage of her role in organizing the “Audit the 2020 Election” rally(s) was instrumental in generating the protests that led to the City Council removing her from the committee.

Please continue your work of informing residents of issues of local importance.

– Susan Boyd, Beaufort

City Council is against transparency

Shorter and more direct: In their hard stand against transparency, Beaufort City Council labeled participation in raising funds for election audits a “political” activity and sent the clear message “you will accept the leaders selected for you without question” by removing Helen Spalding in a 5-0 vote for questioning and wanting to research anomalies observed in the 2020 election.

– Tracey Martin, Nevada

Pete Richards left a great legacy

I wanted to say how pleased I was to see that the Fort Fremont Interpretive Center was named for Pete Richards. Pete was one of the most community minded persons I have ever known.

Not only did he work endlessly on this project, but he was the leader of Fripp Island Audubon and led the effort to get a large part of Northern Beaufort County designated as an Important Bird Area.

Also, Friends of Port Royal Wetlands was formed under his guidance, as well as the annual Birthday for the Birds celebration. He and his wife were involved in many other community related activities. Our community was so fortunate to have Pete and he left a great legacy.

– Ruth Achurch, Beaufort

Terry Manning’s column divides us more

I’m really not sure where to begin in response to the spirit of (Terry Manning’s) article. 

Our society has been intentionally divided over the past 10 years in every way possible by the media and those who consume it.

Since Covid, it has accelerated dramatically.

These divisions only further weaken our society and are causing animosity among our neighbors

It is certainly not helpful to write opinions that only further stir the pot.

We all have rights to manage our health and to practice our beliefs to the best of our ability.

The resistance to vaccines is certainly due to incomplete information provided since the outbreak. When we have doctors and politicians on both sides of the issue it leaves us to make decisions based on our life experiences and choices.

Yes, the Old Testament deals with health, medicine and sanitizing, however God has also given us an immune system.

When medicines are forced or mandated, we have lost our freedom as a society, we are seeing that now and are rightly concerned.

Why not try to remember that we all have one creator who loves us and wants us to love one another. If we can walk this way, any other argument or position is irrelevant.

Those who are believers try to live their faith the best they can, continue to fall and get up again and keep going. This is what eventually will mature them into caring and loving individuals.

When we encounter those, we may not agree with, let us look at ourselves and remember not only our own failings, but realize we do not know their situation or circumstances.

– Don Rowe, Beaufort

City Council’s action disturbing

The article in your newspaper is very disturbing.

Why would a member of the Elections Committee be removed for standing up for a process to “evaluate” an election.

I understand there has been much behind the scenes discussion, which I believe you should also bring out in your paper, if you truly want to report on both sides of this issue equally.

Thank you for your ear.

– Jack Grimsley, California

City Council members are traitors

Their actions are disgusting, how can they look themselves in the mirror? They are traitors to we the people!

– Gwendolyn Oberg, Charlotte, N.C.

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