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Helen Spalding

Letters to Editor


Thank you Thank you for reporting the Beaufort City Council’s recent decision to remove Helen Spalding from the city’s Election Commission. Since she was in open defiance of the most important requirement of her position – nonpartisanship – it was the only decision possible. While it is acceptable for the rest of us to align… Keep Reading


Council removes Spalding from Election Commission

Above: Beaufort Mayor Stephen Murray checks with other council members to see if they have any questions before moving on to the next topic during City Council’s regular meeting Tuesday night. Photo by Bob Sofaly.  By Mike McCombs  By a unanimous 5-0 vote, Beaufort City Council voted to remove Helen Spalding from the city’s Election… Keep Reading


Beaufort election official helped organize right-wing rally

 By Mike McCombs  In February, Helen Spalding was appointed to a six-year term on the City of Beaufort’s non-partisan Election Commission by the City Council.  Now her presence on the commission is in question.  Spalding was involved in the organization of the far-right Audit The SC 2020 Vote Rally held Aug. 30 at the Olde… Keep Reading