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Thank you for Veterans articles

I wanted you to know how helpful the Veterans articles have been for my husband and me. We have received a great deal of instruction from them that we never would have had so easily. How nice that you save space for information that will be helpful to the many ex-military folks who live in Beaufort County.

Please count me as one who really appreciates this kind of coverage. We hope you will continue to seek good information that retired people in Beaufort need and print it in The Island News.

– Penny Howk, Beaufort

In plain English!

I just read the article by Larry Dandridge on how to get a Veterans’ Identification Card and Veterans’ designation on Driver’s Licenses. A plain English tutorial on how to do it without all the hype that is so prevalent in government publications. He is to the point and covers all the bases.

– Mike Hadbavny, Charleston 

Hadbavny is the president of Chapter 780 of the Vietnam Veterans of America