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Do not return SC to an ‘enslavement state’

Next week the South Carolina Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a special session to discuss a total ban on abortion in our state. As a woman and a healthcare professional living in South Carolina my liberty and independence are in jeopardy, as well as my bodily autonomy.

Reproductive healthcare is healthcare. There are no laws written that limit men’s rights to determine their health care needs, yet women continue to be subjected to the whims of lawmakers instead of the scientific evidence and guidance of the medical community.

Abortion care is healthcare and should be available to all. Public support of the rights of women to determine their own reproductive healthcare is at an all-time high. Placing more limits on women’s freedom to make their own reproductive choices will create even more disparities within our state that has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the nation (approaching that of developing countries).
I am asking the committee to not return South Carolina to an enslavement state. Do not vote to ban all abortion care in our state.

– JoAnne Gatti-Petito, RN, DNP , Bluffton

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