Let it begin with me: Peace, Pax, Shalom, Paz, Salam

By Ifetayo White

What if you were challenged to begin a daily peace action practice?  What does that mean to you?  In a few days we will celebrate the Autumnal Equinox and shift into a natural calming down energy following the exhilaration of summer.  It is also a great time to create rituals in our daily routine to keep the vibration of peace alive in us.

Ifetayo White
Ifetayo White

We are all being able to experience the enormity of separateness, inhumanity and conflict happening in our country and the entire world right now, thanks to the extraordinary speed with which media is able to bring news to us.  Leaders and peacemakers worldwide are focused on large-scale solutions to what appears to be the impossible task of creating peace in the world.  Compassionate individuals and groups the world over are praying for peace and supporting local and international peace efforts. Yet so many people are yearning for other ways to help.

What if we were asked to take personal responsibility for peace in our lives, in our nation and in the world? We are all being asked to change the vibrations of fear and separation in us to that of peace and oneness.  There are a growing number of people in Beaufort, in our country and everywhere on the planet who have responded to this challenge by adding their energy to the power of One and consciously practicing peace in a deeper way every day.  How can I do this, you may ask. How can doing this make a difference? Noted author and minister Robert Fulghum writes, “Peace is not something you wish for, it’s something you make. Something you do.  Something you are.  And something you give away.” The energy of peace is conscious and active; it is not passive and without movement.

Create one or more simple peace action practices that you can commit to and live every day. Because of the apparent overwhelming energy that we are addressing, it is helpful to not become overwhelmed ourselves by keeping our practice simple. Every act of peace regardless how small adds energy to what is known as the critical mass, the accumulation of experience that creates a new status quo or cultural norm.  Remember the days before cell phone usage became the norm!

Some of the peace action practices that have been shared with me include finding places in the body and mind that feel a pressure to change someone and learning ways to let go of the tension, adopting “beginner’s mind” when the temptation to stereotype shows up, finding a place in nature that feels peaceful and sit there, breathing more deeply when awareness of fear of “the other” arises, writing and leaving “Love Notes” around the community, spending time with someone of a different background to get to understand where the similarities live, sending blessings to random people throughout the day, reading stories about the experiences of people who grew up differently or who are from “up there” or “over there”, listening, being grateful for all of life.

Enjoy creating your own peace action practices and have fun sharing the energy.  Peace … let it begin with me.

Ifetayo White has been a practitioner of the healing arts since 1989. She is a life empowerment coach through the Grandmother Wisdom traditions and offers support to her community through TheraVista and Neesa’s Home on Coffin Point where she shares guided grounding meditation and self-empowerment classes, Reiki training, integrated body-centered therapy, childbirth education, and birth and postpartum doula services. Contact Ifetayo at 843-271-1923 or neesamoon@gmail.com.

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