Lady’s Island Country Club to get a face-lift

Owners and members of Lady’s Island Country Club are pleased to announce that their clubhouse, built in 1972, is planned to undergo extensive renovations scheduled to begin in late June.

According to club owner Jeff Fischer, the clubhouse will be totally “skinned” and completely opened up, allowing for very little wasted space. “The only thing that will remain the same is the center fireplace. The kitchen will be completely remodeled and updated, and the chic new design in the bar and dining room is sure to attract young, new members”, said Fischer.  Outdoor dining will be added where the pool is currently located and all furnishings will be replaced.  Decor is planned to have an urban Lowcountry feel.

The golf course and pro shop will remain open during the renovations.  The pro shop will also double as the snack shop and serve sandwiches and drinks while the restaurant is being updated.  The pool, however, is being moved to a new location, possibly near the existing putting green, so plans are to close it for the summer.

Renovations are expected to be completed by Christmas of 2013. With new and updated facilities, the club hopes to schedule more events like weddings and business meetings. They plan to have free WiFi, a coffee station and other amenities to attract such events, as well as new members.

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