The H2O glow

By Takiya Smith

It’s no secret that water — Mother Nature’s very own compound mixture of hydrogen and oxygen — is one of the best and absolute health elixirs around. Every part of our body, from hair and skin on through our nails and organs, have a vital need to thrive off water. Water alone can boost our energy levels, hydrate us and quench our thirst. Not to mention, it can offer and sustain youthful, glowing skin.

Several benefits of drinking water not only include internally moisturizing the skin, but can also offer added plumpness to dull, lackluster skin. Plumping due to water fills in fine lines and wrinkles, causing a firmer, healthier and fresh glow to the skin. In addition, products such as those containing natural moisturizing agents will create an external barrier and help to hold on to the water even longer.

Most guidelines suggest a daily intake of 11 8-ounce glasses of water, however, your individual body makeup, chemistry and lifestyle will adjust this accordingly.

Water, though it is the purest of drinks around for the body, may not be the most appealing to all taste buds, however, a few alterations are suitable to help boost motivation. One of my personal favorites is lemon juice. You can use 100% bottled lemon juice or add freshly squeezed juice directly to your glass or full pitcher, to drink throughout the day. Another favorite that not only adds a refreshing taste to water but is aesthetic to the eyes as well, is peeled and sliced cucumbers.

Peaches, strawberries and diced grapes add a subtle sweetness to water and only add to the boost of vitamins and nutrients your body loves and needs. The combinations are limitless, but stick to natural fruit and veggies, avoiding high sugar content and fruits with syrup added.

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