Just a ‘normal’ night out for Beaufortonians

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By Lanier Laney

Only in Beaufort did I first run into the term “pre-drink party” where you meet up with friends to “get the party started” sometimes hours before the actual event, especially if the latter starts at 7:30 or 8 p.m.  Here in Beaufort, they’ve even taken it a step further by holding pre-pre-drink party meet ups, as happened the other night before the Lowcountry School of Performing Arts Fundraiser at Deanna Kraszewski’s studio on Carteret Street. The “pre-pre-party” started hours earlier with various groups meeting up first at either someone’s house or Breakwater, then migrating on to Matt and Laura McAlhaney’s “official” Pre-drink Party at City Java, then coming together for the main event. The studio was beautifully decorated by Katie Huber with Heather Richards in a performance art tableau over the bar as vintage-costumed attendees watched the talented dancers.  Post-drink parties continued afterward at Lowcountry Produce, then back to Breakwater. That’s “normal” for how it’s done here in the Lowcountry, for all you newcomers!