Letter to the editor: Vote no on the ‘change of form of government’ option

By Jim Bequette, retired CPA, Lady’s Island 

Vote “NO” on the “Change Of Form Of Government” in Beaufort County on November 6. This change would replace elected county treasurer and auditor with employees selected by the county  administrator and council.  These positions should be kept independent of other county functions.

This change is a power grab by county council and administrator.  Council justifies the change because of an employee defalcation under a former treasurer’s poor controls.  Indications are the new treasurer has cured these deficiencies. The County Council has little room to criticize.  After ignoring a citizens advisory committee recommendations from 2001 to 2004, the outside auditors for county cited poor internal control in a 2008 report.  County administration provides no decent financial transparency; hence, major over-spending problems are not visible to citizens.  Council must clean up their own house — not take on new responsibility.

The  primary function of  council must be  establishing policies and ensuring they are  followed.  For example, look at the lack of enforcement of the business license tax ordinance for years.  This writer believes council has too many micro-managing committee meetings. Many administration employees must attend these meetings instead of performing their job. Council has authorized each of 11 members to be paid $40 per meeting for up to 144 meetings a year — almost three per week. This $5,760 maximum meeting stipend is in addition to member salaries of $11,038 and $14,349 for chairman. Would council need 50 or 60 more meetings if voters approve the change?

Vote “NO” on government form change!

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