Honor Roll

Riverview Middle School
Second Trimester 2011-2012
The Director’s List
Eliza Akers 6th
Robin Bridgers 7th
Jessica Elkins 7th
Taylor Gates 7th
Ashton Giammona 7th
Jefferson Gibson 6th
May Harrelson 6th
Tommy Holloway 6th
Chris Hoogenboom 6th
Malia Kaneshige 6th
Sarah McMullen 6th
Allison Suber 6th
Cooper Woods 6th

Honor Roll
Zoe Becker 7th
Carsyn Bostwick 7th
Maya Bostwick 7th
Reese Bowles 7th
Lucy Bruns 6th
Troy Davenport 6th
Mia DeBardelaben 6th
Crosson Derrick 6th
Kendall Duncan 6th
Virginia Dukes 6th
Luke Harper 7th

Honor Roll
Markayla Howard 7th
Merritt Kerney 6th
Harrison Lane 6th
Alex Long 7th
Trissy Long 7th
Luke McGuire 6th
Anna Miller 6th
Keaton Mykleby 6th
Jace Ray 7th
Caroline Sandlin 6th
Olivia Ward 6th
Austin VanHorn 7th

Honorable Mention
Joey Calandra 7th
Brodie Leana 7th
Gloria McCreary 7th
Kyra Owens 6th

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