Good news, bad news…What do you choose?


By Susan Stone

There is a Universal Law which states: what you put your attention on expands. Universal laws are not taught in school like the laws of physics, but we are bound to them anyway. It doesn’t matter if you believe in gravity; you are bound to its effects all the same.

Exposing ourselves to a daily dose of bad news is having a detrimental effect on our society and on our health. When we watch news stories that disturb us, whether it is a story of local violence or world climate disasters, or money markets dipping, it changes the bio-chemistry of our brains. ‘Bad news’ corrodes the human spirit and eventually makes us ill.

News agencies and the media at large believe that ‘bad news’ sells. So they neglect to inform the public about ALL the news…the good part. They are strangely silent about what we are doing right. Oh, they may take the last 30 seconds of a broadcast to feature a nice little lost kitten found story, so they can boast about the crumb of good they’ve given their audience. But we must admit the scale is heavily weighted on the side of disaster and trauma. And that gives people the general impression that the world is going to hell in a hand basket. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Amazing and wonderful things are happening all over the world! This morning I Googled “good news” and found 46 pages of websites. The first one I came to is called the Good News Network (GNN). The stories were many and the videos, heartwarming. The most interesting one I will share with you now. Out of curiosity, a man with a camera crew gave a homeless man $100 to see how he would spend it. Secretly they followed him to the liquor store. This did not surprise them; in fact, they expected him to go there. But much to their surprise, he came out of the store with huge bulging bags. Without being noticed they followed him to a park where he gave out food to other homeless people.

At this point the man with the camera crew approached the homeless man again and asked if he knew these people. He did not and explained that people become homeless for a variety of reasons. For himself he explained that he had given up his job to take care of his sick father. A few months after his father died, his mother also passed.

The medical bills were catastrophic, he had used the last of his money to bury his parents and their family home was lost. He had been homeless for about four months at this point. His compassion for his fellow homeless touched the crew so much that they gave him another $100.

Other headlines in the news over the holidays; Boston Teacher donates $150,000 prize to her school. Parents buy crossing guard a new car. High School teens donate $1200 to Toys for Tots. Buddy Harrison, owner of Old School Boxing, delivers hot meals, water and money to the homeless in Washington DC. Six year old cancer survivor donates 700 toys to
sick children…

His Holiness, the Dalai Lama says that doing good for others gives us peace of mind. And peace of mind makes us feel happy. In doing for others we feel the benefit and heal ourselves of loneliness and depression.

What reality is expanding before you? There are over 7 billion realities to choose from. Will you put your attention on what we are doing wrong? Or will you choose to put your attention on what we are doing right? Whichever you choose will expand before your eyes. And you will either feel better or worse. Which will you choose?

You can find Susan Stone at Beaufort Chiropractic. She is an Intuitive healer, Reiki Master, minister and counselor. Author of “We Heard You,” available on Amazon.com You may contact Susan at theriverangel.ss@gmail.com.

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