Festivus fun!

By Lanier Laney

In 1997, the hit television show “Seinfeld” launched a new December holiday called “Festivus,” making it part of worldwide culture. It was conceived by “Seinfeld” writer Dan O’Keefe whose family had been celebrating it since the 60’s as a reaction to holiday commercialism.  Instead of an expensive Christmas tree, a bare aluminum “Festivus pole” is erected in light-hearted fun. More than 50 people attended Beaufort’s third annual Festivus on North Street, even former “Seinfeld” guest star actor Terry Sweeney. Celebratory events included a parade, airing of grievances, re-gifting, feats of strength, the Little Miss Festivus pageant and of course much food, fun and merriment.

The always festive for Festivus Brownsteins.


Festivus hosts Ken and Francie Szarek.












Beth and Rob Lewis with Ben, the Festivus Elf Baby!
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