Everything turns out alright in the end…


By Susan Stone

Have you ever heard the saying; “Everything turns out alright in the end…if it’s not alright, then it’s not the end”? I love this saying! And I share it with you because I was a slow learner. It took me years to understand it, or should I say…believe it.

Many events in my life I have seen as the worse things that could ever happen to me…only to find out in the end that it was a great blessing in disguise. Sometimes our “life lessons” are difficult at best. Usually they hurt like hell, leaving us wondering if they will ever end!

One Universal Law states that, what we resist persists. It is our resistance that creates the struggle and that feeling of a never-ending situation. We simply won’t let go of “it” or “them”. Most of us don’t know how. It is not natural to surrender. We are trained to win! Letting something or someone go, feels like defeat. If it doesn’t look like we’re going to get what we want, it feels like losing.

After the crash in 2008, many of my clients were devastated by the loss of income. Some had lost their retirements as well. All the years of investing and building a nest egg was gone in weeks. One man came to me very depressed. He felt like he was losing everything he had worked so hard for. One day he came in smiling and he told me that the repo-man had come and taken his boat away that morning. I was confused by his smile. He went on to tell me how good he felt the moment it pulled away. What had made him unhappy was the thought that he had worked so hard to buy the boat of his dreams and the feeling of embarrassment that neighbors would see it go. The moment he saw it leave his driveway, he realized he didn’t have to pay for it anymore and he breathed a sigh of relief. He finally realized the huge weight of his big house, his big boat and his car collection was the problem. What he owned, actually owned him. He was almost “giddy” by the thought of a simpler life. He left happy and I have never seen him again.

What a great realization! To go from “this is a curse” to “this is a blessing” is a path very few take voluntarily or easily. It isn’t in the lost, but in the losing that we tend to suffer. Not being able to see ourselves without “fill in the blank” is enough to keep us hanging on for dear life! We have a habit of thinking the worst. It’s a bad habit. It does not serve us well. Why don’t we think everything will be wonderful instead? Why automatically think that something is wrong? If we look back, we can see that the last time we felt this way everything turned out fine. Life does have a way of working itself out in the most beautiful way.

Getting older has so many benefits. Time has a way of teaching us through experience. But being optimistic still takes practice. We don’t get it by osmosis. We have to set our minds and our attitudes in the right direction first. If we can be honest and just say; “I don’t know why this happened and I don’t see a way out…yet. But I am willing to see this with new eyes and I trust that my Angels have my back and they have not forsaken me.” This simple thought may bring you peace, even before it has been resolved. And if you have peace of mind, who cares what else is going on? Make it your mantra; everything turns out alright in the end…if it’s not alright, it’s not the end.

You can find Susan Stone at Beaufort Chiropractic. She is an Intuitive healer, Reiki Master, minister and counselor. Author of “We Heard You,” available on Amazon.com You may contact Susan at theriverangel.ss@gmail.com.

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