Early Montessori schooling

The toddler classes at EC Montessori School offer more than day care for these very young children.  How do they do that?

Very young children are like sponges, learning every waking moment and excited about it too.  When they walk into the Montessori toddler classroom they are greeted by the teachers who help them put away their things and choose a learning activity from the shelves.

They learn to roll out a small rug and settle themselves to do their work in their own work space. When they are satisfied with their practice, they carefully return their materials.  This takes much practice and gentle direction, with much repetition.

When everyone is present, the teacher calls them to the oval carpet where they join together for greetings, lessons in song and poem, demonstration of new work,
stories etc.

One by one they are directed to the work shelves.  Everything during the morning is part of their learning program, including preparing, serving, and cleaning their lunch plates. Parents are delighted that as part of the gentle interchange during the day, the children begin talking more and more completely, become aware of the others in the room and become more considerate and often are potty trained sooner.

The exercises teaching sorting by color, size, shape, smell, sound etc as well as activities that develop small muscle coordination such as spooning, pouring, puzzle work, art activities etc. lead into the beginning of number and letter recognition and other skills that are part of the primary program for which they are preparing. The theme “an early start for a lifetime of learning” is very apt for a Montessori school.

E.C. Montessori and Grade School is located at 15 Celadon Drive on Sam’s Point Road. For more information, call (843) 525-1141 or visit www.ecmontessori.com.

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