Bridges Prep students build green roof models

Third graders at Bridges Preparatory School partnered with Kelli Franklin, a landscape architect in Beaufort, to teach students the importance of green roofs and the planning process behind them, which integrates math, engineering, design (new urbanism) and the environmental sciences.

Bridges third graders display their green roof models.
Bridges third graders display their green roof models.

During Mrs. Franklin’s visit to Bridges, she taught students about landscape architecture and showed them examples of green roofs in our country. Students were able to look at real landscape architect plans as well, and learn about the benefits of good planning on a STEM project.

Following this exciting lesson, students had to create their own plan to build a green roof. After drawing their plans, students used shoe boxes, crafts, and soil to plant grass seed on the top of their shoe boxes.

Each day students had to care for their green roofs and water them. They had some success and grass started growing on several roofs.

To wrap things up, students created a presentation on green roofs and their benefits to the environment. Bridges students thoroughly enjoyed the project.

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