Beaufort Dog expands with equine facility

Amid the bad economy, it is difficult to find business staying afloat, much less expanding.  One such Beaufort favorite — a small, family run pet business — has found a secret. “People love the small town family touch. Our staff are well-trained and love their jobs. We are all family, blood or not, and the dogs become family once they walk in the door,” said owner Kelley Blackston.

Kelley was a school teacher who trained dogs as a hobby until it took over her house and became her full-time job. Her husband joined the effort to create Beaufort Dog, a top-notch care and training facility downtown five years ago. They specialize in training, day care, boarding, grooming, nutrition, and mobile vet clinic services.

A year after they opened, Beaufort Dog expanded to Habersham to open an appointment-based luxury spa and vet clinic. They also care for dogs with special needs at that facility.  Then, the Blackston family expanded to include cat services such as grooming, veterinarian and nutrition, as well as house sitting.

Now, the owners of Beaufort Dog are reaching out to expand again to the equine industry with the opening of a family equine facility just miles from downtown Beaufort. Resident horses will get to frolic on the private beach and enjoy living onsite with full time groomers and veterinarians. Pasture and barn options will also be available.

The Blackstons thank Beaufort for all of its support. “Beaufort was a perfect place to start a small business. We are so grateful for the wonderful people who love animals and appreciate the small, local businesses that make our town so unique,” Kelley said.

For information about Beaufort Dog, visit their website: BeaufortDog.com

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