You just can’t make this shift up

By Martha O’Regan

It seems that folks I speak with lately have one or more areas of life that feels overwhelming, out of control or just plain wonky? Have you noticed it too? Does it feel like time is speeding up? Are your emotions all over the page for no obvious reason? Are old issues that were dealt with long ago showing back up for another review? Are you feeling the need to be with more people? Or, do you do all you can to avoid the over-stimulation of crowds? The good news is you are not alone…we’re all in this shift together.

There is a Universal shift that is affecting every single thing in all of creation — from an evolutionary shift in health, planetary shifts in nature, technological shifts in how we manage our daily lives to psycho-social shifts in families and relationships. It’s all happening by Divine Design and is too big for any one of us to stop it, so we may as well stop resisting and do our best to ride with it. It’s not personal. We aren’t being punished, duped or bullied by the politicians, the Universe or God. It’s just shift happening.

Being aware that shift is occurring and will continue can hopefully bring a level of calm amongst the chaos as we find new ways of being in this evolutionary process. Learning ways to nurture ourselves and others emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually can be amazingly supportive on individual, local and global levels. We don’t have to know how the body works or exactly how the Universal laws keep the stars in the skies, water in the ocean, or our feet on the ground to appreciate the magnificence of the energetic flow of cause and effect. Everything that is happening is based on a vibration, a frequency or a magnetic response to something else. It’s not random or a coincidence…just some crazy shift.

No one is exempt or gets to hide from these shifts, so once we acknowledge it, we can begin discovering ways to manage our personal shift for our health and well-being. Take a moment to contemplate the various areas of your life….relationships, health, livelihood, finances, physical surroundings, spirituality, etc. and identify an area that is in upheaval, upset or unrest, and notice where you feel a shift in your body. Do you get a headache, an oogie feeling in the pit of the stomach, tension in the neck or jaw, a pain in the butt, etc.? Do this with curiosity rather than judgment, remembering that our body is our feedback system for how we are living in our mind, spirit and environment; always revealing areas where we can create change in our life. Rather than turning off the messages, consider ways to manage the various shifts of energies that are flowing through and around your body, that will support actual change rather than disconnect from it. Taking a deep breath, changing your posture, moving your body, laughing for no reason, cranking up some fun music, or just being in awe of the magnificence of the moment can all shift something in the body, mind, and/or spirit.

Have you noticed that not all shift is bad, hard or tragic? With the increased changes in our world, people are actually coming together more to create social change, finding ways to give back to society and taking care of each other with more love and compassion. Social networks are providing a way for people to have greater access to valuable information and support through this change. Energy medicine is growing as we understand about finding harmony in mind, body and spirit. There are more heart based conversations with the word ‘love’ being used with greater frequency than ever before. Spiritual practices of meditation and mindfulness have become commonplace as we seek peace and understanding that we truly are all one and in this shift storm together. That’s some Good Shift!

Have a little fun playing with you own shift and watching what unfolds for you. Live Awake…Have Fun!

Martha O’Regan, BEST Life Coach for the Awakened Shift Head, supporting those who are tired of ‘thinking’ their way to health, happiness and success and ready for a Shift of Heart. Contact her at yourbestlifecoach28@gmail.com to discover just how easy it can be to Create Your BEST Life…By Design www.bestlifecoach.net.

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